Samsung Chromebook 3 specifications, price, and features

The Samsung Chromebook 3 the latest installment in the Samsung Chromebook laptops. This latest iteration of the technology maintains many of the features of previous generations. That being said, it still possesses new and impressive features. Vast improvements have been show by It’s listed specifications. In fact, in certain areas shown closest competitors.  It’s pricing is also quite reasonable for such a versatile tool. this pricing gambit could be taking several some and some less so. Regardless there’s no doubt that the Samsung Chromebook 3 versatile and valuable tool for whatever project the owner chooses.


Chromebook was first launched by Google on June 15, 2011. A chrome book is any device from a laptop or tablet that uses the Google Chrome OS. Any Chromebook primary features include cloud storage for most applications and data. Additionally, after 2017 are able to run android apps regardless of the device. the Samsung Chromebook is undoubtedly one of the most successful computer devices available on the market. This can easily be seen by the yearly sale of the device which is usually somewhere in the millions.


The Samsung Chromebook 3 has several unique features that said it above both its predecessors and current competition. One of these features is built-in security.  The operating system and the computers electronics have security systems programmed directly into. What this means is that the computer is ready to use upon delivery. The owner simply has to activated login through Google and away they go. Put another way there’s no need for a third-party security system such as McAfee or Kaspersky.

Another excellent feature of the Samsung Chromebook 3 is the length of time the battery charge. Third-party testing has shown that it will last any of its competitors. The battery on the device has a theoretical maximum charge of 11 hours of regular use. This means that Samsung Chromebook 3 with one charge does what other devices would need three to do. In addition, the battery for up to three years  is supposed to be able to maintain this charging potential. Which means that where other batteries begin losing their full charge after a year or two this one won’t.

Other Features

The Samsung Chromebook 3 also has two features related to its physical nature. The first of these is its weight. At just about 2 ½ pounds is significantly lighter most of its competitors. This combined with slim design allow the owner to carry it around almost as if it was a    tablet. Its other unique physical feature is the water-resistant keyboard. Though water and electronics never mix for a laptop the most vulnerable spot has always been the keyboard. The Samsung Chromebook 3 addresses this by integrating water resistant protection into the keyboard. While it won’t protect from soaking neither will the computer died from a coffee spill.


The Samsung Chromebook 3 has many specifications that make it great. That being said it does have some key specifications that stand out from the rest. One of the specifications is the data storage space. Some variations of the laptop come standard with 32 GB of storage which is the standard on most laptops. The difference with this is the operating system allows for most of its functions to be stored on the computer. Which means that 20 GB are available for the owner to store files directly on the device. In contrast most of The Samsung Chromebook 3 competition would use up most of the available storage operators. This means they would only leave about 10 GB of available storage space. The same ratio applies to the other variations of the laptop have different storage capacity.

One of the other specifications that set it apart from other competitors is the inbuilt Web Cam. The camera built into the Samsung Chromebook 3 is quite advanced for computer this type. It provides filters and camera modes that are not usually associated with a computer that is priced under US $200.



The Samsung Chromebook 3 price is quite exceptional for a computer of this type. Given all the features and specifications included in any of the two variations there’s no denying the great deals. The reason for the different prices that variations is primarily the amount of available RAM storage space. The more expensive version priced at $179 US has 4 GB of RAM 32 GB storage on the computer. The less expensive version which only has 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage is priced at $169 US. There’s no other difference between the variation that could affect the price so drastically. Also given all the features and specifications the device has the starting prices are truly bargains.


The Samsung Chromebook 3 is an excellent general-purpose laptop. it retains all the features and specifications previous models that have made the Samsung Chromebook series of devices so popular. Additionally, it adds new and useful features that continue the high level of excellence that have come to be expected. Features such as the integrated security that allow a user to safely explore the Internet. Also, a battery that outperforms its competition on almost every notable point.

Then the specifications that this has laptop are not normally found in this price range. Such as all the functions included the inbuilt camera. A very important point to make is the price of the laptop. The less expensive version only starting out at $169 it’s doubtful that it would reach a full $200. The Samsung Chromebook 3 when all the various characteristics into account would be an excellent choice for an affordable laptop.

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