School Fee Hike; A Tussle Between Schools and Parents


School Fee Hike: As per our former Finance Minister Arun Jaitely said, “India may become the third largest economy by 2030 and poverty will fall below 10% by 2025.”

Earlier, year 2020 considered as boom period. All the tactics were ready to drive our economy at the peak.

Worldwide Problem

Suddenly, corona virus pandemic outbreak. This pandemic screwed the mind of people worldwide. Moreover, there is no vaccine or medicine or cure for this disease till now.

Approximately, around 6.19M cases are confirmed worldwide and 208K cases confirmed in India. Many have recovered but it is increasing hour by hour. 

Death tolls curve is moving towards peak. For instance, countries like China, USA, Italy, Germany, Spain etc are struggling.

India dealing with problem

In this pandemic, Indian economy is facing a severe problem. Lockdown restricted people to move out of their houses. Clearly, the central government mentioned guidelines for lockdown.

Corona virus follows a chain system. It spreads through contact. Lockdown has cut that chain.

Online Petition

At this time, there is an ongoing tussle between middle-class and private schools. Poor and middle class families are facing lots of difficulties.

During this lockdown, there source of earning has seized. They are totally helpless. Although, government is providing ration and other facilities. Still they have certain hurdles ahead.

Parents have started an online petition to the HRD ministry against School Fee Hike. Meanwhile, they waiting for school fee waiver. 

Due to Covid-19 many schools have announced School Fee Hike. They have to pay salaries.

Among them, some schools are also saying. They will take the pre-planned fees which was decided before lockdown. They also announced to decrease the fees amount later.However, there is no clarity in this statement.

State Governments Reaction and Action

Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh governments have announced that schools should not force parents to pay fees. 

There is no fee waiver. So, schools are not listening to parents request. There is no clear instructions issued from Delhi-NCR.

The Gujarat government had also announced that private schools will not hike fees for an year. West Bengal government had appealed schools to refrain from hiking fees. 

Why the government has not passed any order?

Every parent scrawaling their brain.

Well, this is very tough to say exactly when things will return in good manner. Schools are closed from Janta Curfew 22nd March, 2020. After that PM announced 21 days lockdown.

Nobody can predict the arrival of normal days. Schools are boosting belief on parents. Once the school reopen, they will balance the fees. Regarding this parents are doubting schools commitments.
The main problem lies today. They have to walk according to their budget. Delhi’s deputy chief minister had also told the media that schools cannot collect fees for three months at one go and have to collect them on monthly basis. During this lockdown, schools cannot charge any amount other than tuition fees. 
Schools are scheduled to be reopen in July 2020 still not sure. Till then online classes are going on.

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