Online Classes Pranks, a negative effect


Tech making E-learning easier. But Online Classes Pranks are making the process more complicated. A solution for efficient youth’s education system needs a way. 

Online e-learning process

Amid the worldwide pandemic, various professional processes are being carried out via online platforms. Various sector firms have made their teams work from home via e- platforms. Education has also tired this new dimension of technology and started online classes for college as well as school students. Online platform is the new change in the era. Processes becomes easier. Despite of the helplessness amid the COVID-19 outbreak, all the communicational processes are being carried out via online learning.

E-learning platforms like Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Hangout are the options for carrying out online learning process. Various schools and colleges have opted Microsoft teams and zoom for e-learning. Online education can help the system to work efficiently without any academic loss of students.

Recent news about the mischiefs of online classes

Online classes give the education system a new dimension via the help of technology. While on the other hand, technology can give opportunity for various misuse. Students below the adult age gets attracted to the technology and can misuse it. Recent examples of online classes pranks are surfacing the internet. From playing Bollywood songs during an ongoing class, to creating a separate group of friends and chatting while a lecture is underway. Removing the online teacher from the lists of participants, there seem to be a number of pitfalls attached to the virtual world of education during lockdown.

School managements gives an assurance by making the teachers warn the students against such gags. But the question remains Is that enough? While the number of such Mischievous incidents are few, they tend to disrupt the ongoing online class.

Some incidents shared by the teachers

Sunanda Lakhani, a geography teacher shares,” We have a virtual class of 45 minutes and initially we clubbed all students of one standard together which latter became chaotic. We also discovered that in one class a few students created a parallel group and started chatting with another while the class was on.”

Principal Mansukhbai Kothari National School Varsha Kothari says, “Students build innovative ideas for misusing the online system without teacher’s knowledge. From having incessant background noise while class is on, to signing in with vague names and scribbling on the screen. There are plenty of such instances but teachers know how to handle them.

One science teacher gives her views by saying ,” We use Microsoft Teams and each student gets a username and password. At one of the classes we noticed that apart from the batch of 30 students there was an additional login that had no connection with the school. Someone else had logged in and our investigation revealed that one of the students had provided the login id to the outsider.

One of the college coordinators tweeted in her tweet about the incident. Her statements states,” During online classes, students play different videos when asked to on their cameras. While some students speak disrespectful comments with audio on. This not only disrupts the class but also effect the mental peace of teachers. Cancelling class is the only option left for the teachers.

Online Classes Pros

  • Increased Flexibility

This is one of the most common reasons why most people choose to enroll in an online class. You don’t have to show up in classes and attend lectures at a fixed time. You don’t even have to leave your bedroom. With online classes, you can study when and how you want to. You can also study from anywhere in the world. The flexibility that online classes offer is unparalleled.

  • More affordable

Affordability is right up there with flexibility when it comes to the increasing popularity of online classes. As an online student, you also save on the cost of text books, accommodation, food, and transport. This translate to another few thousands of dollars in savings per semester. Most students who study online don’t need to take any loans to cover these low fees.

  • Individualized Learning

The biggest benefit of individualized learning is that it allows you to harness your strengths and downplay your weaknesses. This ultimately makes it more conducive to learning. It also boosts self-confidence and self-esteem.


Online Classes Cons

  • Lack of Social Interaction

Social interaction is a huge part of the whole university experience. This is the time and place to make new, lifelong friends and learn crucial social skills. Additionally, it makes it difficult to participate in classroom discussions and gain new perspectives.

  • Limited Choice of Courses

Even as online schools are becoming more mainstream, classes are still not available in all fields. You may be able to find plenty of virtual courses related to business, history, economics and languages. However, you may find it much more difficult to find courses in chemistry, biology, engineering and other similar subjects. Hands-on laboratory learning is a mandatory requirement in all of these courses. This is not yet possible through online learning.

  • Requires a High Degree of Self Discipline

The extra flexibility and lack of accountability leaves much room for students to procrastinate. Many students struggle to stay motivated and stay on track with studying and completing their assignments. Self-discipline, time management and organization are crucial skills for students taking online classes. Online Classes Pranks also require High degree of Discipline.


  •  Strict Action against the mischievous students should be taken. This can set examples for other students so that they fear before trying to attempt any pranks in an online class.
  • School as well as college management system should ensures the joining link and password for the meeting remains to students only.
  • Parents can make an important role in maintaining discipline. They can keep a check on their kids while the online classes are ongoing.
  • Online Classes Pranks needs controlling. Teachers should ask students to keep their camera and audio on. This can help teachers find the actual culprit performing pranks.

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