Schools shut ,children of Bastar village get lessons via loudspeakers

In Bhatpal, village, Chhattisgarh children continue their studies via loudspeaker lessons, especially via mike. Last few months whole nation suffer from COVID -19 pandemic.  Due to this Pandemic, a nationwide lockdown has started from the end of March. This ruinous virus has changed our way of life which people lived before. Since lockdown started people are stuck at home. Several schools, colleges, offices are shut down. While some of the schools and colleges taking online classes. However, it is not possible for the village’s, especially remote villages. Internet, computer, smartphones are not available in various region of India. So, online class options are not feasible there.

A seven-Year-old kid Somu, started his learning from his house via loudspeaker lessons mounted in the village Panchayat Bhawan sizzle to life. In the morning at eight am sharp children of Bhatpal village in Bastar district, Chhattisgarh’s gather in houses and give appropriate education by the school teaching staff to begin their lessons. Physically there is no teacher present in front of them.

The Bhatpal around 266km from the state capital Raipur and also 20 km far away from the Headquarters of the district,  named Jagdalpur.

The development assistant of  Bastar district mineral fund Nikhilesh Hari said “We have put up six loudspeakers for the village of around 300 families. The loudspeakers are used to teach English, and disseminate information on malnutrition and other community issues”. Nikhilesh Hari is the person who spread head this idea among everyone in that area.

How to learn in this ” LoudSpeaker lesson” Idea-

With this unique idea loudspeaker are taught about the malnutrition, English discuss and giving information about some other community issues.

All the students listen to the voices come from the loudspeaker and learn. Although students learn English trough their tribal language  Halbi. Some, one of the student writes down ‘t-r-e-e’, the mouthing the word as the voice they heard is ‘rut in their local ‘Habli’ language. ‘Rut’ means tree in English.

June 14th they started the session twice in a day. The sessions full of entraining things such as good conversation, storytelling etc. The full session runs almost for ninety minutes.

One of the speaker boxes recites a story on local tribal Halbi language and also interpret the story, sentence, words etc. While one of the other speakers asks some of the questions. The students listen to folk stories. They remember basic sentences and convert them. All the speaker box monitored by ‘Panchayat Bhawan’. Even though all the recordings of stories earlier recorded at the district headquarter in Jagdalpur. Then they transferred recording via Pendrive.

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Peoples point of view on this “Loudspeaker lesson” Idea-

Reportedly one of the teacher of that village Shailendra Tiwari revealed that they are assigned a house with some literate and educated members, where the students can assemble in the number of eight or ten members in a group. Students do their homework and other studies with the guardianship of the member. Instead of going to school, they thought it is a good idea.

Tiwari also mentioned students can easily be studied from their respective houses. They have placed loudspeakers in such a manner that everyone can hear the sound in the entire part of the village. Hence, they can easily sit at home and note the lessons.

The development assistant of  Bastar district mineral fund Nikhilesh Hari also, revealed that their teacher gives their best to educate the students. The English teachers first write the script document in the Hindi language. Then he submits that document to another team. The other team convert that Hindi into Halbi.

He also stated that two theatre person also working with them. Theatre artist actually gives the voice to record the scripted documents. It will take a complete day to make one session. They did this session in the whole day. This whole process needs so much effort.

Villagers viewpoint On this new ”Loudspeaker Lessons” idea-

The district Collector Rajat Bansal revealed that they are not expecting that all the parents accept and understand the idea. Also, they knew some of the parents don’t know how to access the device and even connectivity of the device. The loudspeaker initially used for circulating information. For a long time, it is only used for that. Then it used for this program. Currently among seven-block practising this programme.

One of the localities Suresh Bhagat mentioned that not only Children are learning via this process the other resident of that area also learned.  Because of the loudspeaker they also heard the lessons in between their works. Even they informed that they now acquire a great knowledge on the topic of animal names and tools in English. It is very interesting for them too.

Point of view on the new ‘Loudspeaker Lesson “idea-

This is a very unique and tough idea to execute. However, Bastar district successfully runs this. We all know that there are lots of remote places in India where still now people don’t have electricity. So, no question about the internet, smartphones other devices. This is Corona Virus pandemic children successfully did their lessons. We recommend other villages in India to follow this idea. This is also a fun and entraining idea. Everyone can learn from this Loudspeaker lessons process. Let’s hope other states will apply this idea.

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