The Emmy awards show is going virtual

The Emmy awards show is go virtual due to safety concerns over the coronavirus. The announcement of the virtual show’s first made available to nominees on Tuesday July28, 2020. Los Angeles’s recent surge in coronavirus chases has led to this decision. As a result, Microsoft theater which is the traditional venue for the event will be empty this year. The awards show virtual will be shot live on location or at least that’s the promise the producers made. Additionally, the producers have promised this September 20th Emmy awards show will be one of the most memorable.

Emmy awards show to go virtual



The organization for the Emmy awards show virtual is practically unknown, though some information is available. First is that the 72nd Emmy awards show is removing the formal dress code. Basically, nominees can dress however they wish as long as they make an effort to presentable. If they wish to wear formal clothes they can do so or they can wear designer pajamas. In other words, a nominee should not look like he or she has just got out of bed.

The second known organizational fact about the upcoming Emmy awards show virtual is that it is still a live show. All participants will be filmed at locations of their choosing for the awards. If a nominee wishes to be filmed at home from the comfort of his or her bed that is where they will be filmed for the show. Since some of the nominees live in wildly different time zones formalwear could prove annoying. Specifically, if one of the nominee’s lives in a time zone where it is 2 AM in the morning. The nominee might opt for comfort rather than looking fabulous for a virtual audience. The Emmy awards show virtual will be one of the most memorable events of the year.

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