Serve Fishfinger and his date a fancy dinner at any restaurant in Fortnite

Special Restaurant in Fortnite :

Serve Fishfinger and his date a fancy dinner at any restaurant in Fortnite. Valentine’s Day is not very far. But the epic game has decided to celebrate this week in Fortnite style. There are several missions added, to this theme.

So let’s find out what are valentines day special missions, and how you can really serve fancy dinner to FishFinger and his date.

Valentine’s day special Fortnite missions :

As mentioned earlier serving fancy dinner to fishfinger, but it’s not easy as it seems. First, you have to go for fishing. Well, yes catching 3 fishes is just before serving them. Now your missions will surely not end here Finding Restaurant in Fortnite other tasks are also included. However, There are three Restaurants located in the game:

  • Sticks Restaurant: located in Craggy cliff ( search in Northern part)
  • Durrr Burger: you can locate this Restaurant in weeping woods ( west)
  • Pizza pit: located in colossal coliseum ( North)

Serving Fishfinger and its date in one of the three given Restaurant in Fortnite will earn you 20k reward points. So, we think that this mission worth every time and effort of players as they will be rewarding 20 thousand extra reward points.

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Other missions Related to Valentine’s Day quest includes :

Restaurant in Fortnite
Restaurant in Fortnite
  • Well, Is there any Valentine’s Day without a Rose, yes you have to find one in steel orchards to complete your mission.
  • Now Rose, check! What about chocolates? Collect them from different locations such as the pleasant park, Retail Row, and last Holly hedges ( There are 3 boxes in total)
  • If Roses and chocolates are not enough, Epic games have also added love potions. Which you need to collect and deliver to different locations. Collect from the coral cove and deliver to the shantytown.
  • Now, all done! But wait who will be lovely’s date. you can choose Lovely’s valentine (a character we meant)

All this sounds fun right, Especially a Restaurant in Fortnite.

Tell us in comments are you enjoying these Valentine’s Day related quests in Fortnite. And what is your favourite task so far ?

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