hacks: Auto Guess, Word Helper, Draw Bot, Mute Option And Brush Size Swap | All Extensions Unlocked hacks: A new game has emerged that is capable of much and costs very little. In fact, the game we’re talking about,, is completely free. This game was created by a prominent German game developer who goes by the name ticedev online. He was likely inspired by previous popular games such as Pictionary and others. The game uses a popular “draw and guess” method of gameplay, and can be played by anyone around the world instead of being limited to who you can invite over. Many hold the opinion that the game is a derivative of the “scribble” game model, where a player has to draw rapidly in order to win.

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  • Version: 0.2.8
  • Last updated: January 2021
  • Language: English
  • Size: 10.75 KB Gameplay

Simply, unique, and easy to catch on, is a game that is fun for all ages and all kinds of friends. Various kinds of modes have been embedded into the game. The premise is simple. One player selects a word and tries to draw it for the rest of the players to guess. There is a limited amount of time you have to get your drawing done, and the results are often hilarious. Points are given to those who guess correctly. The more you can guess correctly, the more points you earn. And that, in its simplicity, is the entire game explained in a few mere sentences.

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The best advice we could give you concerning how to get better at the game is to draw faster. This gives your other team members the chance to guess more often. Additionally, the faster you draw, the better you will be just by principle. Eventually, you’ll be an old pro at drawing with a mouse. Another way you can get better is by drawing minimalistic. Try not to use details that don’t matter to your picture. Additionally to this, little details that also tell about the overall nature of the picture may help others guess it. If you are drawing a boat, draw some water. If you are drawing a beach, draw a seagull or a beach umbrella.

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A slew of hacks of this fun game have emerged online. If you want to gain an edge over the other players, this is certainly one way of doing so. Hacked versions can improve your skills in the real game. Various features include Auto Guess, Word Helper, Draw Bot, Mute Option, Brush Size Swap, and many more.

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