Snapchat launches spooky VR costumes for Halloween

Snapchat launches VR costumes for Halloween. In this COVID-19 pandemic you may not have Halloween party so dressing might be off your list. Now you can get your Halloween costumes for selfie in just one click, all thanks to Snapchat.

Wearing your costumes which is best part of Halloween might not be happening this time as well. Wearing your costumes and makeup just to stay at home might be a hassle . Because of this Snapchat launches VR costumes so that at least in virtual reality you can enjoy dressing up.
They say needs are the muse of inventions and Snapchat proved it right knowing people might not be able to step out if their house. Therefore they might don’t want to go through dressing up process so VR costumes like this will come in handy.

Snapchat launches VR costumes ( image source: Snapchat)

Snapchat launches VR costumes quoting “we’re releasing a set of more than 10 3D Full Body tracking Lenses in Snapchat which tracks 18 joints of human body. And apply 3D models to follow the movements of people in camera view”.
Who doesn’t want to be dressed as dancing hotdog ; well Snapchat hot you covered. What about a sorceress or a zombie Snapchat launches VR costumes for that as well. Snapchat Also reveals that because of integration of numerous technologies you can trick your friend with costumes or have a dance party featuring you and your AR dance partner.

Complete Guide on how to use Snapchat’s VR costumes:

  • Go to Snapchat app, If you don’t have it already download it’s available on androids and iOS
  • Tap on Snapchat icon your camera will open automatically
  • Tap on camera screen to bring up AR bar and tap explore in the right corner below noe you entered lens explorer
  • Now tap world to find all new costumes on tracking lenses
  • Tap on any lens bar and have fun

Snapchat this amid this chaos so we might be not that heartbroken because of not being able to celebrate Halloween


VR stand for virtual reality simply designed live experience be it in video game or educational training. Using Snapchat’s VR filter will really be fun and best part is no one will left out while having that Halloween selfie moment.