Sneak peek of “Ellen DeGeneres’s Game of Games”. And All about season 5

Sneak peek of Ellen's Game of games latest season. Back to back episode coming on 4th January see where to watch it, and other details.


Ellen’s Game of Games :

Ellen’s Game of games is a game show inspired by her talk show. Ellen DeGeneres is known for her burning questions. There are hundreds of celebrities who have interviewed. But adding fun elements to her interview is her thing. Inspired by those little segments from her interview show. She has this game show.
First Aired in December 2017, it is now 4 seasons old. Season 4 of The Ellen DeGeneres show is currently airing. And on the 4th of January 2 back-to-back episodes of the show are coming. So let’s see the timing, where to watch, and a little sneak peek of season 4.

Watch highlights of some previous segments here.

Sneak peek of season 4 back to back episodes:

In Ellen’s Game of games rules of the games are just the same. Know or go segment is a real limelight stealer. However segments like Blindfold musical chair, Aw snap !, Don’t leave me hanging are just entertaining. We will see all the fun elements in this upcoming back-to-back episode.

And last but not least hotter hands are exclusive to season 4 where players can win a big amount of money. Ellen DeGeneres is so funny herself that it adds many more elements to the game. This game wouldn’t be this funnier if not for Ellen. However, she co-hosts his show with Stephen’s boss “Twitch”.

Ellen’s Game of Games back to back episodes
Ellen’s Game of Games back to back episodes

Where to watch and timing :

Ellen DeGeneres’s game show is developed by NBC. So you can watch it on any NBC network including Fubo TV and Hulu TV. Timings for back to back episodes are 8 pm and 9 pm ET.

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Season 5 ?:

Ellen’s Game of Games is surely be coming back for season 5. Nothing is official as of now but the show’s immense popularity tells everything. It is like a rare gem to find, a game shows that is immensely fun. So Ellen DeGeneres issuer,y coming back for 5th season as well.

Highlights :

  • Ellen’s Game of games will be airing the back to back episodes.
  • You can watch it on Fubo TV and Hulu.
  • The timing will be 8 pm & 9 pm ET.
  • Season 5 of the show is not confirmed as of now, but it will be renewed surely.
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