Sophia Loren comeback: 

Acting legend and icon Sophia Loren makes her comeback in ‘The Life Ahead’. Loren is making a comeback with Netflix’s drama The Life ahead. She is a maternal figure to a 12year-old street kid momo, who tries to rob her.

Sophia Lauren makes her comeback with The life ahead

Sophia Lauren makes her comeback with The life ahead

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Sophia’s son is the director:

Her son Edoardo Ponti has directed and co-written the movie. Romain Gary’s novel The life before us is the inspiration for this movie. Because the director is her son this film is the dream project for Sophia Loren’s comeback.

The story :

This is the second adaptation of Romain’s novel. The first one was in 1977. Sophia’s character plays a Holocaust survivor. A Holocaust survivor is a person who survived the Nazi killings of the Jews. In the movie, Loren has a daycare business and her name is Madam Rosa. Ibrahima Gueye plays Momo. The two lonely individuals form a family.

The Netflix release date:
The Netflix release date is on 13th November 2020. Loren’s movie is contending for the Oscars. Sophia’s fans are eagerly waiting for the movie release. Because it’s a Sophia Loren comeback movie the expectations are high.

Netflix in news : 

Netflix is donating to charity for its hardest-hit workers because of COVID 19. They are trying to give back to the creative community. Netflix establishes a $100 million fund to aid the movie and TV industry.

Other Shows on Netflix:

Fans are waiting for another favorite Netflix political thriller show, Designated Survivor season 4.David Guggenheim is the director of this drama television series. Season 3 aired exclusively and globally on Netflix. The next season is arriving soon. It has a novel and terrifying plot with recognizable actors.

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