Elton John Barbie: The Tiny Dancer Is A Tribute To The Great Singer

The great singer Elton John now owns his own Barbie and it’s a mark of tribute to the singer. The star made a collaboration with Mattel to create a limited-edition Barbie. Elton John Barbie resembles Jon’s contribution to the industry.

The Barbie named Tiny Dancer and available in Walmart stores. The iconic singer and songwriter turns 73 and had a hugely successful journey. He is the Rocketman of the singing world.

His record-breaking concert in Dodgers Stadium in 1975 turns 45 this year and Elton John Barbie is a tribute to the star on the 45th anniversary. The concert was great of all time and the single-artist concerts in the history of time.

A Great Singer Of All Time

The show was remarkable and still fresh in the mind of the audience after 45 years. Elton John deserved the tribute for his great contribution to the singing industry.

Elton shared his view on Elton John Barbie, Tiny Dancer. He said Barbie is an icon of her own and getting tribute in a form of special edition Barbie is an honor for him. He further added, ā€œI hope that she inspires fans everywhere to fearlessly pursue their own dreams and limitless potential.ā€

The Tiny Dancer is 12 inches and blond. It is wearing a rainbow-colored jacket with denim marked E and J respectively to both the legs. The iconic Barbie is having Elton’s iconic rosy shades and signature bowler hat.

The packaging includes a doll stand and a certification of authentication. Which proves their collaboration.

The Best Selling Music Artist

Elton John is an legendary singer and and the tribute totally make sense. He gave some iconic performances and wrote some amazing song that are still popular.

Tiny Dancer

The star since 1967 worked on more than 37 albums and sold a huge of 300 million records. What makes him the best selling music artist of all the time.

Elton John Barbie, Tiny Dancer resembles the colorful artist and his colorful life.

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