Frozen 3 Release Date Restricted Due to Covid-19


While Frozen 3 doesn’t have an actual release date set in stone, the third installment has been mentioned in passing by the team, and is surely being worked on. Frozen 2, debuting in 2019 and racking up over a billion dollars in the box office release, had immense success and can only mean that Disney is planning on revealing a bigger, better, more fruitful and fantastic finale to end their beloved series.

Frozen 2’s director of story, Marc Smith, had this to say about an anticipated Frozen 3, “We have not had that discussion. I think Frozen 2 is still close to everyone’s minds and ideas to think what happens beyond that.”

While the Frozen 3 movie may not be in the cards just yet, it does have some truths about it. For instance, the third movie, if it exists, will be the last movie of the franchise, considering the series’ success. However, due to all the rumble in the world today with COVID-19 and other issues, the fans of this series are going to have to wait probably even longer for any sort of solid confirmation.

When could Frozen 3 come out? Is it, at all, soon?

Frozen 3’s release date could have been delayed even further already due to COVID-19.

Frozen 3 will have to top two already great movies. It must be passionate, unique, and unlike any other. Despite the fact that the plot is still a ground up mystery, fans still attempt to dispute over what it may be.

Development of the movie will likely be even further delayed due to COVID-19. The entire entertainment industry has been at a standstill. Even music and shows have not been spared. Only just recently are we hearing of a rebound in production, but even then, it is a hesitant one. With a fear of a second COVID wave, big names like Disney are taking a step back for safety. As of now, the wait is indefinite. We can’t be sure when production was stopped, or if it even began before March of 2020.

Either way, Disney has huge shoes to fill with Frozen 3. Think about the gap between Frozen 1 and 2. We can only hope in the next year or so, that a teaser will be revealed.

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