South Africa reinstates ban on alcohol sales

South Africa reinstates ban on alcohol sales as the coronavirus surges. South Africa reinstates ban on alcohol sales and other restrictions to free up space in hospitals. Presidents Ramaphosa stated that since the sale of alcohol was reintroduced trauma cases have increased. The ban on alcohol is to reduce the number of trauma cases and free up beds as the search continues. The additional restrictions also include a mandatory 9 PM to 4 PM curfew and wearing masks at all times. The president berated individuals who had “organizing parties, who have drinking sprees, and … walk around in crowded spaces without masks”. Essentially, he’s blaming that for the unexpected coronavirus surge and the need for South Africa reinstate ban on alcohol.


South Africa coronavirus

South Africa reinstates ban

South Africa reinstated ban on alcohol in response to unexpected high number of coronavirus cases. This Coronavirus surge comes after South Africa relaxed its restrictions. It appears the president may have wanted to increase the length of the restrictions/shutdown. However, with unemployment at 30% of the country that wasn’t possible. Additionally, an increase increasing cases was expected but not to the degree they have faced. The expectation was maybe a few thousand a day which would slowly taper off.

Instead for several days now the case numbers have exceeded 10,000. As of today, South Africa’s total number of cases have been 276,242 with 4079 related deaths. Officials who advise the president stated they were surprised by the virus surge numbers. It is important to point out that the majority of South Africa’s coronavirus cases are located in three cities. Indeed, the majority of the cases are located in Johannesburg. The capital city Pretoria and Cape Town have also reported high numbers of cases. South Africa’s restriction on alcohol may just be the first step to combat the virus surge.

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