Google for India 2020 virtual event set for today

Google for India 2020 virtual event set for today: here’s how to watch live stream and what to expect. Google the Internet search engine giant is holding its sixth annual Google India event. What makes this event different than the previous five is that it will be completely virtual events. This is due to the coronavirus pandemic forcing the cancellation of numerous large-scale in person events. There will be numerous speakers for the events including CEO Sundar Pichai. Also, the Minister of Communications, Electronics and IT, Law & Justice Ravi Shankar Prasad will be present.


How to watch live stream

Google for India 2020

The Google for India 2020 virtual event will be livestream on YouTube. The virtual event is scheduled to take place on Monday, July 13, 2020 at 2 PM Indian standard Time. In order to watch the lives of the Google for India 2020 all you need to do is log onto YouTube. Once you’re on you to simply type in Google for India 2020 and click search. This should bring up a link to the livestream event which can either say to watch later. Another option is to leave the link open until the event begins. Google has not yet announced a specific agenda for the events.

A list of the individuals who are to speak during the livestream as been provided by Google. Some of the Google for India 2020 speakers will include Sanjay Gupta, Google India Country Head. Caesar Sengupta, Google Vice President Payments and Next Billion Users is also scheduled to speak on a livestream. The event is also expected to address updates and announcements on several projects. One of these projects is Google’s digital India. It is groundbreaking simply because Google is attempting to maintain its normal event schedule during the coronavirus pandemic times.Which

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