Splatoon 2’s third anniversary: Live Rerun of Splatfest

Which came first Chicken or Egg. Well I couldn’t decide till now. But Splatoon fans should definitely be ready with the answer. Nintendo’s Splatoon 2’s third anniversary will be celebrated with the rerun of the classic Egg Vs Chicken fest. It gets even better it will be celebrated live this weekend. And two more splatfests are in the making. Their details will be released soon.  Nintendo had announced that it will celebrate Splatoon 2’s third Anniversary with three bonus splatfests. The first splatfest is a revival of the prevision Team Egg Vs Team Chicken, begins today at 3 P.M, PT and goes on for 48 hours.

Nintendo is like the master of developing video games, it has been in business for more than 30 years. It has given us fabulous games like Mario, Pokémon and now Splatoon.  Splatoon’s unpredictable nature and unbelievable competitiveness makes it’s a hit among the masses. As of June 2020, Splatoon 2 had sold over 10.71 million copies worldwide, selling twice as much as its predecessor, and making it one of the best-selling Switch games.  The fact which is quite impressive about Splatoon is that Nintendo targeted a sub-genre this time, shooters. They are usually overlooked.  With its tight game-play, magnetic characters and incredible soundtrack, Splatoon did so well that it was converted into a series.

Splatoon 2's Third Anniversary
Splatoon 2
Fun Facts you might or might not know about Splatoon

Did you know in Rainmaker, the aim is to get the rainmaker to the enemy point to win, not to run around trying to kill as many people possible or splat the most turf with it?

Did you know that getting on the tower causes it to move? And then when it reaches the enemy base the match finishes?

Did you also know: Splat Bomb Launcher Is the Most Useless Special In Salmon Run

You might not know that Single player campaign’s main objective is to find out where one of the Squid sister ran off to.

Did you know that Salmon Run a new mode is the main addiction for people?

Although I have no idea if egg came first or chicken I am definitely taking part in Splatoon 2’s third anniversary splatfests. And am psyched for the two other splatfest which are promised to happen before March 2021.

Are you taking part in the rerun of the classic splatfest? Comment below.

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