Star Wars releases Chewbacca Shoes

Adidas has collaborated with Star Wars to introduce new Chewbacca the Wookie inspired designer shoes; that has fuzzy and hairy patches.

Star Wars releases Chewbacca Shoes
Star Wars releases Chewbacca Shoes

The shoes are branded the Chewbacca Rivalry Hi and feature a popular, updated hi-top style with fur patches (faux fur). A thin leather belt draped over the tongue of the high-top also features the shoe; making it look as if one’s carrying Chewbacca on your foot.There is also a small, embossed Wookie portrait on the tongue, and a larger full-body illustration on the insole. The shoes on the Adidas UK website will be available; for purchase from October 21 and are currently priced at $155.

Chewbacca the Wookie, received recognition and love post the new trilogy. This resulted in Chewie winning a medal in Skywalker’s Rise. The Wookie, Chewbacca, has ever since then gained plenty of merchandise representation; lot of fluff and fur and his famous ammunition belt appear to include the bulk of these depictions.

Furthermore, this isn’t the only sneaker that Adidas has made for Star Wars.

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The review of these shoes is quite mixed. The reviewer says that the style is impractical; and further notes that “the Chewbacca Rivalry Hi looks more like the item of a collector than a very usable piece of footwear.”

Last month, the company announced the release of a Boba Fett-themed shoe. The same would be inspired by the battle-scarred armor of the bounty hunter. Just as unusual and distinctive as this shoe; the design of the Boba Fett sneaker is much sleeker in design and does not suffer from the same bulkiness that the fur patches have.

Both of these shoes are priced at over $100. Therefore, they’re clearly designed to be collector’s pieces rather than daily wear.

For all the Star Wars fans, who also loves a good pair of sneakers; chances are the ‘Chewbacca’ adidas Rivalry Hi would be their favorite sneaker from the new Star Wars x Adidas range.

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