# StudentLivesMatter became the most trending hashtag on Twitter a few days back. The students in India took a cue from the worldwide solidarity expressed through #BlackLivesMatter. This started trending and millions of people took to the streets after the U.S Cops were held responsible for the death of an unarmed black man. George Floyd.

Aktu Semester exam update

WHY IS # StudentLivesMatter TRENDING?

Coronavirus has impacted the entire world in different ways. Various sectors are facing the brunt and the situation is becoming worse. India has been under a nationwide lockdown since the end of March. Exams are on hold since then and so is the economy and life of people. The cases in India are fast reaching the 3 Lakh mark and there is still no sign of any effective vaccine made. Thus, for now, social distancing is the only way out.

Reopening of schools and colleges – Dates

Various examinations across the country have been either put on hold or postponed indefinitely. Delhi University, some days back, made it clear that the examination for the students in their final year would take place. Maharashtra government, on the other hand, decided to promote ALL without the conduct of the exams. Since then # StudentLivesMatter is trending with students all over the country demanding the cancellation of the exams.


The coronavirus situation in the country is becoming worse day by day. Even though the government has assured that proper precautions would be taken, the students are still concerned about their safety. A single person with the virus can affect a hundred others. Without a proper vaccine or treatment yet, conducting exams is not a sensible plan, is the student’s argument.

The students are also arguing that exams are not important than their lives. Hence # StudentLivesMatter has been trending since a few days.

Various students had to leave their colleges and go back to their home towns due to the pandemic. They argue that they haven’t bought the required study material to prepare in case the exams are conducted.

# StudentLivesMatter: SOME TWEETS

  • “If one student or faculty is infected then the whole university gets infected too. What about the blind students how are they going to appear exam by maintaining distance from their writers?@CMO_Odisha @dr_arunsahoo @DHE_Odisha #Odisha_Students_Against_Exam #Students_want_reply “
  • #StudentLivesMatter
  • During this Covid-19 Pandemic. How govt. could Allow all University and colleges to examine FY students. Where every day we hearing news of increasing #Covid_19 patients. This must be cancelled until everything goes normal.#PMOfIndia
  • Amidst thousands of COVID-19 cases, even if a single student who returned to Chennai or any other district from their native to write the end semester exams gets infected with the virus, and dies who is responsible for a precious life?#CancelAUExamsTN #StudentLivesMatter
  • “Exams are not [more] important than a student’s life!”


Dr Gautam Tiwari, a doctor practising at a private hospital in Jaipur, Rajasthan has called the government’s decision to conduct the exams CARELESS.

Scheduling the examination at a time when the COVID-19 lockdown has not yet been lifted is simply careless. It not only puts our lives in danger but also stands to endanger the community,” Dr Tiwari said.

“Even a single person with COVID-19 can affect hundreds. Many of the applicants appearing for the examination are already practising in hospitals. If such a person gets infected, they can endanger the lives of so many,” Tiwari said.

DR TIWARI further added: On the one hand, they are saying no public or academic gatherings until June 30. On the other, they are conducting country-wide examinations and endangering health workers. What about our safety? Many of us are already risking our lives daily,”

It will become clear in a few days whether the government would consider the students concern and declare the cancellation of exams. WILL #StudentLivesMatter or not?

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