Sumner Redstone, billionaire media tycoon, has died at age 97 after a long incredible life.

Sumner Redstone dead at age 97

Sumner Redstone, billionaire media tycoon, has died at age 97 after a long incredible life. Redstone according to the statements from his company National Amusements passed away on Tuesday, August 11th, 2020. Sumner Redstone will be most remembered for his media empire of Viacom CBS as it stands today. However, the story of how he created that media entire is an impressive tail all on its own. Additionally, his role in the US Army intelligence during World War II was vital to victory in the Pacific. Many events in his life have shown you sheer willpower and drive to succeed. That being said, he was still a man and prone to making mistakes, including one that nearly lost his legacy.

LifeSumner Redstone dead at age 97

Sumner Redstone Life is long and full of many stories, enough to fill a book. Which is exactly what he did with his entitled A Passion to Win. As a result, it is difficult out key moments or career events life. However, it is still possible to identify some of these events throughout the course of his life. One such events is undeniably his participation in World War II. Specifically, his time as part of the Army intelligence unit that was directly responsible for breaking the Japanese diplomatic/military. As a result, he literally helped win the early battles of the Pacific theater. Years later Sumner Redstone take over his father’s company of National Amusements. He slowly built it from a collection of drive-in movies intermediate a media empire.

Additionally, one of Sumner Redstone most daring achievements was betting the company in a successful hostile takeover of Viacom. However, the greatest example of his willpower came in 1979 after he was burned a hotel fire. After suffering third-degree burns over more than 40% of his body he endured numerous surgical graphs new skin. Such injuries would break or kill most people especially one in the mid-50s. However, Sumner Redstone willpower was so unconquerable that would not let that injure be the end. That being said, he was still able to make mistakes including underestimating the tenacity ex-lover. In this instance, the lawsuit was filed had potential to ruin the financial legacy intended for his family. Yet even in a weekend states he was able to muster the strength and determination to preserve everything he had. Thus, ensuring that the security of his family for years to come.

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