Gritty Refereeing Pups on Ice a face-off between adorable adoptable puppies during Flyers-Canadiens game 1.

Gritty Refereeing Pups on Ice

Gritty Refereeing Pups on Ice a face-off between adorable adoptable puppies during Flyers-Canadiens game 1. This should prove to be an entertaining and hilarious intermission show for Flyers-Canadiens Wednesday, August 12, 2020 game. The name of the event suggests the Flyers mascots Gritty will be refereeing a match between two pups on ice.  In addition to the hilarity that will without doubt occurred during this face-off there is also a fan opportunity. Specifically, the puppies are all available for adoption from the local animal welfare Society. In other words, a fan has a chance to say that his or her dog was on TV. Specifically, he or she could say “my dog was on the ice during the first Flyers-Canadiens game of 2020.”



Gritty Refereeing Pups on Ice

The purpose of Pups on Ice and Gritty Refereeing it is or the mutual benefits of all involved. That is to say, all of the participants in the event short walk away happy. The Flyers we’ll get positive PR out of having their mascot participate in the event. That is to say, it’ll show the team is dedicated to supporting lost or potential find a forever home. Additionally, it will boost popularity and perhaps increase merchandise sales. The television broadcasters of the game will also be happy because more fans will stay to the channel. Specifically, as more fans watch Gritty Refereeing Pups on Ice during the game’s intermission, they are channels surfing.

That is, instead of changing the channel during intermission they stay tuned in. The local animal welfare Society will most likely enjoy increased support after Gritty Refereeing Pups on Ice. Specifically, because similar events usually generate increased interest in supporting such societies. Additionally, such events also show a marked increase in pet adoption at the various societies. Also, the puppies that appear on the will be happy during and after. Specifically, most puppies love to play. Additionally, such events usually see the majority if not all the animals involve being adopted. So, most of those puppies will end up playing with their new families in the near future. Most important of all, the fans tune in to watch the game will see some hilarious and adorable hijinks.

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