N.Y.C. unions challenge the district plan to reopen schools

N.Y.C. unions challenge the district

N.Y.C. unions challenge the district plan to reopen schools as other districts watch him prepare to do the same. NYC plan to be the first major US school district to reopen with in person class is in jeopardy. As of Wednesday, August 12, 2020 with the district’s principals and teachers’ unions called for the plan to be delayed. specifically, they asked the city’s mayor (Bill de Blasio) to late in person class for several weeks. Additionally, they wish to slowly reintroduce the students back into the classroom. This is a major shift to the original which called for schools offering 1-3 in person classes a week. This issue could not arise that are more problematic time as the first day of school Sep. 10th approaches. Additionally, the eyes of every other district preparing to reopen are looking to N.Y.C. see what happens.



N.Y.C. unions challenge the district

N.Y.C. unions have challenged the district plan on the grounds that many of their concerns have been ignored. Specifically, the N.Y.C. unions have stated that the district’s leadership has ignored the challenge in implementing the highly complicated protocols. In other words, the union feel that the school districts leaders and also the mayor are rushing to reopen school. To be fair, there may be some merits to their viewpoint as other smaller districts have found out. A few districts and states such as Georgia have temporarily abandoned in person classes aftermath outbreaks of the coronavirus.

However, the NY.C. school district leadership and Mayor Blasio insist that they have that old guideline to reopen. They stress that they are very concerned about the safety of students. Additionally, Mayor Blasio said that N.Y.C. unions have a tendency to be very dramatic challenge the district on issues. It is quite possible that the mayor is correct that the unions are overreacting the situation. That is to say, as the dates to reopen schools draws nearer the teachers and principals maybe growing fearful. Unfortunately, this situation is repeating itself across the whole of the US as constant clash between unions school districts. The issue is always the same, are the schools ready to be reopen?

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