Taboo fans might be excited to know that season two is finally on its way. Taboo Season 2 is finally happening.  Created for The BBC, Taboo premiered on January 7, 2017, and aired eight episodes for the first season. Taboo gained popularity during its first season run, but some fans might be confused about the new season’s plot after the show’s two-year hiatus.

Many questions come to mind when thinking about this new season. It will make many fans feel about the many changes that might come to their favorite show. One big question that everyone has is when the new season will arrive?

Taboo Season 2 Release Date

After the season one finale of Taboo airing in February of 2017, and the show renewed right after, some would think that season two would soon follow in the next year. Many reports had suggested that we would have seen the new season in 2018/2019, but, for various reasons, fans did not get the second season

*Taboo Season 2 Official Release Date Announced — February 10, 2021

Due to no news about the show, rumors began circling about the show’s cancellation. Fans do not worry about the rumor mills because a new season is undoubtedly coming.

The second season was original to begin in 2018, but Steve Knight couldn’t finish the script. Recently, Knight confirmed that the new season script is close to being completed. Due to Knight’s busy schedule and Tom Hardy’s other commitments, the show had to be postponed, which led to the two-year hiatus.

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Once Knight finishes the script, production will begin when a schedule is planned. Since we’re still in a pandemic, the production and scheduling will contain many restrictions for shooting this new season. Considering the situation and time we’re in, we should expect a release date for season two in 2022.

Taboo Season 2 Cast

There’s haven’t been much talk about the cast for the new season. Producers haven’t confirmed or denied anything about the possible cast for the expecting season. One thing for sure, we know that Tom Hardy will be reprising his role as James Delaney.

We can hope that many of the cast from season one would be reprising their new season roles. We can only guess that Stephen Atticus, David Hayman, Jessie Buckley, Mark Gatiss, and Edward Hogg would return for their roles.

Since Knight is still writing the new season, we might see some new and old faces on the scene. Hopefully, there’s not too much change to the characters, and we will see our favorites on the big screen again.

Taboo Season 2 Expected Plot

The season two plot will most likely pick up immediately after the season one finale. The new season should follow James Delaney and his compatriots fleeing England after being forced to leave. They had a destination in mind when running being the Americans, but it’s unclear if they meant the Caribbean colonies or The United States.

The series will eventually reach the new world, and the first stop will not be North America. The series will take us to a collection of stops to the Portuguese islands located in the middle of the Atlantic. That’s all we can expect for this new season since there’s little to know about it.

Steve Knight is still writing the script for the new season, which is nearly completed. So, all many fans can do at this point is to speculate on where Knight will take them in the new season.

How Many Episodes Will Season 2 have?

Since season one of Taboo was only eight episodes, we should expect that season two will follow that. It’s no real talk on how long the season will be because Knight is still working on it. We can only speculate on where Knight will take the new season.

Will Taboo Season 2 Be The End of The Series?

Season 2 will not be the ending to the series, according to NextAlerts. The series creator has said that Taboo would be at least three seasons. Fans can expect the third season once season two finally premieres.

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Taboo Season 2 Trailer?

Given that we don’t have much information about the new season, it’s no surprise that it isn’t a trailer yet. We should begin to see a trailer once filming starts or shortly after. We should expect to see a trailer by the next coming year, depending on the filming schedule.

Hopefully, everything goes smoothly, and we see a new season at the beginning of 2021. Fans can always go back and rewatch the previous season now on FX, Hulu, or The BBC.