‘Teen mom 2’ Star Chelsea Houska Explains why is she leaving the series in sneak peek of her final episode.

Chelsea Houska leaving teen mom 2 :

Chelsea Houska leaving teen mom 2 after 8 years. However, she is leaving this show to focus on the bigger aspects of life. But the show will never be the same without her.

She explained why she leaving the show after working for almost a decade. Let’s see her side of the story.

Why Chelsea is leaving ‘teen mom 2’:

In the sneak peek of her final episode she reveals that couples have been recording themselves. As Covid cases are rising in South Dakota their filming crew went back. One of the most important reasons for her decision is now she wants a more stable life. She has 3 children and a loving husband. Chelsea wants to live her life more privately and wants to focus more on the brand.

In a clip, she was seen sad leaving something you have given more than 10years of life is always hardest.

Watch – Chelsea’s Life changing decision, Teen mom 2 S10 Finale sneak peek

8 years of Chelsea On Teen mom 2:

Chelsea Houska leaving teen mom 2, let’s see her decade long journey on the show.
It’s more like Chelsea grew up on this show. She first starred in 16 and pregnant. Then after having her daughter she joined Teen mom 2.

Chelsea Houska leaving Teen mom 2

17-year-old taking care of her child going to school and whatnot. Breaking up with her boyfriend and daughter’s father. And then finding her happily ever after in husband Cole DeBoer. Now the couple is also having their third child in August.

She is an inspiration for young mothers, how she managed it so well. They are a stable family happy together. Viewers also think that it’s time for them to live their life off-camera and focus on bigger things in life. They said to be the most stable family in the show. A loving husband, children, and some entrepreneurial talents what else you need in life.

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  • Chelsea Houska bidding adieu to Teen mom 2 after 8 years.
  • She wants a stable life and wants to focus more on her business and family.
  • She had 3 children and expecting a fourth. Third with husband Cole.
  • They were the most stable family on the show.
  • We all are eagerly waiting for Chelsea’s new step in life.

What do you think about her decision, Are you a fan of her family?