Terry Bradshaw struggling to fit into his jeans during quarantine

Don’t we all have our favorite jeans ,that we wish to fit ,well terry bradshaw is no exception No one would have thought that we have to stay home and do nothing for more than 6 months now. In these COVID -19 era we have seen many thing be it good or bad. Here is Terry Bradshaw struggling to fit in his jeans.

Terry Bradshaw struggling to fit in his favorite jeans is the best thing you will see on Internet today

While Terry bradman is always delight to watch. Watching him to struggle with his jeans is really funny. Have you ever thought you would see a former NFL player Terry Bradshaw struggling with his own jeans to fit in ?

Watch Terry doing it in The Bradman bunch

You all have been wondering how to fit for in those jeans while  this NFL player did tried and struggled while watching terry bradshaw struggling to fit in his jeans , I’m sure we all have empathise with him.

In his own show called The Bradshaw bunch he also revealed to his wife that he looked like Greek god. He also talked about how he used to flaunt his six packs abs by taking off his shirt.

Be it his abs or hairs in which he used to run his fingers obviously his wife Tammy didn’t believe it and thought he was dreaming while we fighting our own battle in this quarantine , watching this little thing do really lighten our mood. We are not alone in this ,who would have really thought actor and NFL player would be having this struggle

Because when we hear foot ball player we have that image of someone fit and not necessarily having this struggle.

Terry Bradshaw


Terry Bradshaw was famous for having most powerful arm in NFL history so when you don’t fit in your favorite jeans during quarantine , remember you are not Alone.

We saw terry bradshaw struggling with Jeans Once a Greek god ,ripping his shirt to show off his abs now struggling to fit in his own jeans we all been there aren’t we ,After all we are only human

What are your thoughts about that ?

What struggle you have in this COVID -19 pandemic.

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