Tesla is secretly working on a new gadget for kids

Rumour has it that Tesla is secretly working on a new gadget for kids. Going by the reports, Tesla is working with Norway based wearable company Xplora Technologies. It is a smartwatch for kids that they are working on. While there are no official announcements of the same, this development was revealed in a new FCC filing.

Tesla and Xplora Technologies

Tesla is America-based electric-vehicle manufacturing and cleans energy company. Xplora Technologies, on the other hands, deals in manufacturing smart services and devices for families. Both of these companies work in completely different domains and never correlate. But if they are coming together, it will be something very exciting because that product will have used in both these domains.

The FCC filing

According to a report by Electrek, the new FCC filing for the smartwatch bears the name ‘Tesla Motors’. This was what made people realise that Tesla is secretly working on a new gadget for kids. Have a look at the same below.

Why The Joint Venture?

Although none of the companies has formally announced the venture, it is very evident from the new FCC filing. Details about Tesla venturing into the smartwatch business are yet to be disclosed. Hence, many can’t seem to stop enquiring to the company about the sudden shift in business. However, many believe that Tesla might make use of the smartwatch to grant keyless entry into Tesla cars. Plus, Tesla is already working to make the same possible with mobile phones. Hence, it won’t be very surprised if they make use of these smartwatches to grant keyless access to the kids.

Tesla might also use the same to implement some new safety measures for kids. The vehicle manufacturing company might also try out an auto-chauffeur mode for kids, syncing the new smartwatch.

Thus, Tesla has a lot to gain if this deal works out. We just have to wait and watch until all of this officially plans out.

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