Facebook, Microsoft gripes with Apple’s App Store on EU’s antitrust radar

In the latest turn of events, Facebook, Microsoft gripes with Apple’s App Store on EU’s antitrust radar. The two social media giants are concerned about the new probes laid down by the European Commission.

The European Commission

The European Commission opened four new probes into Apple in the month of June. Three of these look into the restricted rules of the App Store. It also states that app developers use their own in-app purchasing system. Not many app developers were happy with this new probe into Apple.

Facebook and Microsoft’s Stand

Amongst the constant criticism from app developers, Facebook and Microsoft gripe with Apple’s App Store on EU’s antitrust radar. The social media giants are the latest to raise their voice against the creation of an uneven playing field to compete with the iPhone maker.

Facebook accused the App Store of turning its gaming app to a streaming service so that users wouldn’t be able to play games. The Chief Operating Officer stated that the gameplay had to be removed altogether to gain Apple’s approval of its Facebook Gaming app.


Microsoft’s game-streaming service, called Project xCloud also suffered the same fate. The tech giant has accused Apple of denying cloud gaming and game subscription services to the customers. They added that Apple always issues more lenient rules to non-gaming apps and treats gaming apps differently, even though they have interactive content.

About this scuffle, EU spokesperson, Arianna Podesta remarked, “The commission is aware of these concerns regarding Apple’s App Store rules. However, she did not provide any specific details.

Apple’s Stand

As of yet, Apple has dismissed all the criticisms regarding the App Store rules. They strongly believe that these rules protect customers and provide a fair and level playing field for the developers.

Apple also rubbished Microsoft’s claims of treating gaming apps differently. The App Store allows Sony’s PlayStation and Valve’s StreamLink. These apps also allow its developers to reach its users via the Safari web browser. This can be very useful to them in building stores and services.

Only time will tell where this scuffle is headed!

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