The Best Divorce Lawyers in London: Preparing for the Worst-Case Scenario

Best divorce lawyers in london

Divorce is never an easy process, even when it is amicable. It can be a highly emotional and stressful period in your life, which is why you need the best legal support available. Here at The Midult, we have compiled a list of the top divorce lawyers in London that you can turn to should the worst happen. Some of the most highly regarded divorce lawyers in the country, with a reputation for providing outstanding legal advice and support.

Fiona Shackleton

The world of divorce law highly respects Baroness Shackleton. She has an impressive track record and has even been praised by a former client who hired her again for her divorce. Shackleton is tough, expensive, and highly competent. People also know her to be caring, a great baker, and someone who never rests on her laurels. Her hourly rate is £850, and an initial meeting costs £5,000. However, the cost is worth it for the peace of mind that comes with having one of the best divorce lawyers in London on your side.

Simon Bruce

Simon Bruce is not your ordinary lawyer. People know him as a ‘super-lawyer’ and he possesses a great sense of humor. Bruce is the head of international family law at Farrer. He offers high-level advice and facilitation, encouraging clients to avoid lawyers wherever possible. Bruce is also a passionate Liverpool FC fan. His hourly rate is £590.

Stephen Foster

Stephen Foster is a calm and composed figure in the highly charged world of divorce law. He is the head of family law at Stewarts Law and is highly skilled at getting clients “off the ceiling” and helping them make rational decisions. He is a former competitive judo player, and his mantra is “you should always fight the person – not the belt.” Foster’s hourly rate is POA.

Catherine Costley

Catherine Costley is a young, talented associate with Payne Hicks Beach. She is methodical, thoughtful, and kind. Costley is passionate about helping women who give up work to care for their families and then find themselves on the wrong side of a separation. She is a triathlete and has completed two Iron Man races. Costley’s hourly rate is between £300-£400.

Sandra Davis

Sandra Davis is a power partner at Mishcon de Reya and has been with the firm for over 30 years. She is a strong advocate of responsible lawyering, which means she may recommend a therapist or child psychologist.Sandra Davis has never lost a relocation case and has a wealth of experience in this area. Her hourly rate is POA.

Emma Hatley

Emma Hatley is a partner at Stewarts Law and is highly regarded by her peers. She is a clear, incisive strategist who offers commercially driven advice. Hatley is one of the best lawyers in London, with an hourly rate that is POA. Her clients praise her superb bedside manner and highly intelligent and industrious nature. She is a great recommendation from other lawyers.

Divorce can be a highly emotional and stressful period. But with the best legal support, it can be a smoother and more manageable process. The lawyers mentioned above are some of the best divorce lawyers in London, with a wealth of experience and a strong reputation for providing outstanding legal support. They offer excellent advice, support, and guidance during this difficult period, and are highly recommended by both clients and peers. Even though divorce should be a last resort, always prepare for any eventuality.


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