The Do’s and Don’ts of online learning

The Do\’s and Don\’ts of online learning

Online learning provides a platform for students to study from the comfort of their home. Online learning classrooms and virtual classes has totally increased during this covid-19 pandemic situation. Adaptation from in person classes to virtual classes can be tricky for the first time. Here is some listing of do\’s and don\’ts for online learning, if you follow these steps you can avail the advantage of online learning.

The do\’s for online learning

1. Be on time

As a student, you have to be punctual in your time whether you\’re in real classroom or virtual classroom. Make sure your internet connection is working properly and your computer is charged before the class starts. If you are having issue with your computer or through the online learning system, ask for help or inform your mentor prior to the start of class.

2. Be updated with syllabus

Read the syllabus before the class, it makes you easier to understand the lectures or instruction during the class. Make sure you have prepared yourself or revised the old syllabus to prepare for new classes. Don\’t forget to sit with the study material which is recommended by your mentor.

3. Be polite and respect your classmates

Before asking any question introduce yourself and talk politely to everyone. Make sure you respect your fellow classmates and allow them the microphone floor when they are speaking. In group discussion sessions you may disagree with your classmate but you have to give respect to their opinion.

4. Set up a comfortable space

Make sure you are totally focused during the period of online classes. Try to set up your space which is free of distractions and that will be uninterrupted by your roommates for the full duration of your class period. If you have family members politely ask them not to disturb you during the class.

5. Make notes

If you do not take any notes, you will forget those crucial points that you should revisit and rethink. We live in a digital age but it is perfectly all right to take notes with a traditional pencil on a piece of paper. A pen and paper are still one of the best recording devices for making notes.

Don\’ts for online learning

1. Don’t be shy

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your mentor and ask for guidance or any clarification. Every Students has to participate and to be active during the class. Your mentor will like to answer your queries during classes. Don’t afraid to speak up, you can easily ask your mentor about your questions. You can find another way to communicate to your mentor whether through emails or text message.

2. Limit another online platform

Don’t get distracted by other online platform such as social media, while you’re participating in your online class you have to be fully focus during class duration.
It\’s even more difficult to stay away from distractions if your computer screen is an online classroom. What you can do is to log off from your social media accounts and mute notifications on a smartphone.

3. Don’t feel alone

You may feel alone due to online learning, it\’s better to build relationships with other students by introducing yourself and engaging in online discussion boards. Your classmate can be a valuable resource when preparing for exams or assignments. Don’t be afraid to turn to them to create a virtual study group. Your mentor might also assign group projects which will make you feel more connected to your fellow classmates.

4. Don’t lose the spirit

If you fall behind your schedule, there is no benefit in worrying about it. The best thing to do is simply refresh yourself, and continuing to learn. If boredom and monotony become issues, changing things up to make the online classes can help. Simply changing where or when you take class and do work, making bigger self-rewards, or taking a day or two breaks can refresh your passion and reawaken your interest.

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