The first coronavirus vaccine tested in US

The first coronavirus vaccine tested in US is poised for final testing. Initial testing results revealed that the vaccine work exactly as hoped. The first 45 volunteers who were injected with the vaccine developed neutralizing antibodies in their bloodstream. More importantly, the density of the antibodies in the volunteer’s bloodstream was the same as survivors of the coronavirus. In other words, the virus can’t infect someone who has had it again. Which means the vaccine creates same factor in a person who’s never had the virus. While these results are exactly what was hope for the testing is still not complete. One more trial phase, the final testing, of 30,000 volunteers must be complete. This will determine if the vaccine actually works in a large segment of the population to protect against the coronavirus.

Side Effects

The first coronavirus vaccine appears to have no serious, or at least no more so than any other vaccine. About half the vaccine volunteers did report side effects did reports symptoms that were more flu like. Again, these symptoms are not uncommon vaccine. The symptoms most of the volunteers reported were fatigue, headaches, chills, fever, and pain at the injection site. It is true, that many of these symptoms are the same as the coronavirus. However, the symptoms occurred right after the injection and only lasted a day. This is in stark contrast to the actual coronavirus which does not immediately manifested and lasts for several days. A price worth paying in order to be safe from the coronavirus. The vaccine in order to achieve full affect requires two shots about a month apart.


Most experts who have read the results of the first coronavirus vaccine are generally optimistic. Saying it’s a good first step. However, they also warned that it still has to past its final testing. That being said, the US government hopes to have the vaccine circulating by November.

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