The inside story of the attack on twitter

The inside story of the Attack on Twitter, told by the hackers. The hacking Attack on Twitter that began on Wednesday, July 2020 actually began the day before. The Attack on Twitter began over a discord chat between two hackers going by the name “lol” and “Kirk”. Kirk revealed he had access to twitters most sensitive programming tools which granted him access to the majority of twitter. When the attack initially began the hacker lol and several of his colleagues (fellow hackers) brokered bitcoin deals for Kirk. Earlier today lol and three other hackers discussed in a discord chat with various news agencies their involvement. Specifically, lol wanted to clarify their exact role in the Attack on Twitter and when they withdrew from it.



Attack on Twitter

The inside story of the Attack on Twitter reveals that some the hackers were involved for very specific reasons.  Specifically, any username that the symbol @ such as @y or @3. This reveals that the attack was not orchestrated by a country or group of sophisticated hackers. Instead, by a loose collection of mid-level hackers who claim to be their late teens to early 20s. The hacker lol and his compatriots came Forward to explain their involvement in the Attack on Twitter. Specifically, they claim they that they only participated up until about 3:30 PM Eastern standard Time.

Up until that point the accounts that the hacker Kirk was breaking into stealing were low-profile. Indeed, the reason the other four hackers are all because they had all coveted these unique user names. However, once Kirk began accessing high profile accounts they immediately drew from the Attack on Twitter. The four hackers provided clinical data to corroborate their stories which was later by several independence sources. While these four have answered why they were involved in the attack motivations of Kirk the primary hacker remain unknow. Additionally, on certain how he managed to gain access privileged user programmer tools. The result of this attack and the knowledge that essentially low-level hackers managed to breach twitters has shaken user confidence.


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