The ‘Harry Potter’ movies are no longer streaming on Any services

Harry Potter no longer streaming on any services as it is removed by NBC’s peacock.

If you are a fan of Harry Potter since childhood and like to watch this movie time and again to recollect those memories it is definitely bad news for you.

In 2016 NBC universal got all on-air and digital film rights of this world-renowned movie franchise from Warner media. This deal cost NBC around 250 million dollars. Therefore this deal has given the right to peacock (own by NBC universal )for streaming control.

However, NBC can control this ultimate wizard world only up to 2021. But for now, Harry Potter no longer streaming anywhere. This movie franchise has a huge fan base removing it from streaming services may not seem like an ideal thing to do. But NBC will definitely have some better approaches than us

It is said that NBC has removed the Harry Potter franchise from streaming, for broadcasting them on their cable network. And there are already plans in action to bring back Harry Potter to NBC universal’s peacock.

Now where to watch Harry Potter :

Harry Potter no longer streaming
Harry Potter no longer streaming

Alongside the Harry Potter, Jurassic Park trilogy is also not available on a peacock and moved to Netflix. For now, the only way to watch this movie is to wait until they stream it. On cable services like SyFy and US websites. Or remember those DVDs yes you can do that. You can always own physical copies.

As streaming services increasing day by day grasp on legal and streaming rights has become tighter. And fans of such movies are more likely to suffer from this legal right saga.

Giant names in Media like NBC universal and Warner Media are consolidating their brands in one banner. And this is the outcome fans are facing.

Jk Rowling’s controversy:

This removal of the Harry Potter franchise could be the result of jk Rowling transphobic tweets however NBC can’t do much at that time because of legal rights and all. But suddenly Harry Potter no longer streaming is a big shock. Because this movie has quite a big fan base. And fans started boycotting this movie since then.
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