Nintendo Switch Pro Reported to Have a Mini-LED Display, According to TCL USA

It seems the Chinese TV manufacturer has confirmed that the rumors are true. The Nintendo Switch Pro will use a Mini-LED display, which is a huge upgrade from the current LED-screen that the original and the Lite uses. It seems the rumors about a TV only console are not to be believed at this point.

Not a day goes by where people don’t speculate about the supposed new console  The company has said time and time again that they want to extend the lifespan of the consoles, and potentially the new console. Originally, consoles before this lasted maybe five years. Consoles like the Wii and the WiiU had limited lifespans that often ended in technicality glitches. Handheld consoles, however, had a tendency to last longer. Hopefully, the handheld nature of the Switch will redeem the time.

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What’s new for this new console?

nintendo switch pro

Since they’ve already released a Lite, that has reduced power, fans have theorized that this next Nintendo Switch Pro will take on the harder route, and be more powerful. The Nintendo Switch Lite offered a lighter, more handheld experience. While the rumors concerning the new console ranged from pervasive to odd, we can be confident that a Switch will stay with the ability to switch screens this upcoming generation.

The biggest rumor that is still open for discussion and probability is the screen related one about the Nintendo Switch Pro. With a bigger display, the switch would definitely utilize a mini-LED screen. A bigger display would prove itself beneficial to Switch fans everywhere.

The Taiwanese company Innolux was reportedly in charge of the production of the display of the Nintendo Switch Pro. Since it is the world’s third-largest manufacturer, this will be no problem. This leak is where we’ve gotten the above information. Now that we know some select details, it won’t be long now until the announcement is upon us.

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