The IPL Governing Council has announced

The IPL Governing Council has announced when and where the Indian Premier league will take place. Additionally, the IPL GC has confirmed that the Chinese sponsors deals remain intact. The Board of control for cricket in India has been waiting on permission from the government of the UAE. That permission has finally been granted and so the IPL will be played in the United Arab Emirates. The IPL GC met Sunday, August 2, 2020 and decided that the league would take place between September 19-November 10. The GC has some changes from their original plan, including having unlimited COVID replacements players.



The IPL Governing Council

After the IPL Governing Council meeting the specifics of how the league would be play in the UAE were announced. Besides releasing the time frame, the GC also announced the three cities (Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Dubai) that will host. It also announced change in the schedule of the matches. Specifically, now there will be 10 double- headers a day. Additionally, the night matches will start time has been changed to 7:30 PM Indian standard. The GC has addressed concerns for the coronavirus in regards to the number of players allowed. Specifically, there will be a Cap of 24 players per team during the IPL. However, the GC has allowed unlimited substitution of players for the duration of the league. This means that substantial part of any team becomes unable to continue their rosters can be refilled.

The IPL governing Council will be meeting with various franchises and stakeholders involved with the IPL to discuss SOP. All teams and their associates follow the SOP for the duration of the league. However, it has not been confirmed there will be penalties baking the SOP. The IPL Governing Council also announce that it will retain all the sponsors for the IPL. This will include all the Chinese such as Vivo. Indeed, the IPL GC was under some pressure to replace old Chinese monsters of the league. Regardless, fans are definitely overjoyed that the13th IPL is finally on its way.

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