The Legend Sir Thomas Sean Connery Turns 90

Sean Connery Turns 90 :

Sean Connery turns 90 years old on August 25, Tuesday.

Sean Connery is the original 007, the James Bond and The Legend we all know and love. On turning 90 he received wishes from all over the world. Pierce Brosnan a fellow bond star wished him on Instagram with a black and white photo of him with the Legend.

Sean Connery, the name carries a huge fame with itself. He hasn’t been seen in Hollywood for a long time, but that doesn’t mean he’s still not a huge star. He was featured as James bond in seven movies. And he was an active part of the James Bond franchise for nearly 2 decades. That is a long time. From Dr. No (1962) to You Only Live Twice (1967). And with his return in two more movies, Diamonds Are forever (1971) and Never Say Never Again (1983). His fame spread like forest fire.

The Cold Blooded Killer who had the license to kill anybody, who would do anything for the Queen’s Secret Service has now turned 90. Sean Connery is an impeccable actor. Never Say Never Again came alongside Octopussy. Never Say Never Again was Sean Connery’s last movie where he was cast as James Bond. It was a let down for him as Octopussy won the box office race. But he still remains a star.

Sean Connery

Sean Connery first debuted in Lilacs In The spring in 1954. This resulted in huge box office collections. This movie was the first big break for Sean Connery. As of 2020 Sean Connery’s Net Worth is estimated to be $350 Million USD.

Some Amazing things about the Legend :

For those of you not aware, Sean Connery is not his real name. He was named Thomas Connery by his parents.

He peformed most of his stunts himself. There was one stunt in Dr. No where he had to drive his convertible underneath a crane, he almost got himself killed doing that stunt.

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