Police shoot paralyzed black man in Wisconsin

The officer A few days ago, the Wisconsin Police allegedly shot an innocent black man named Jacob Blake Jr. The public has been ably protesting against this injustice of the police department since the past few days. The man got admitted to the hospital soon after he was shot but the police shoot paralyzed the black man.

What actually happened between Blake and the Police?

Jacob Blake Jr was trying to break up a quarrel between two women when he was allegedly shot by an officer. There was no indication that Jacob was armed, but still, the police officer went on to shoot him. The officer shot him seven times on his way to his car, in front of his three sons aged 3, 5 and 8.

However, a bystander witnessed all of this and quickly recorded all that was happening. The video went viral and the police have been facing the repercussions ever since. The citizens are questioning the police regarding their reason for killing an innocent man, shooting him seven times. But the police are yet to offer an explanation behind the killing of Jacob Blake.

Jacob Blake’s health as of now

Blake is, fortunately, alive as he was rushed to the hospital soon after the police shot him. However, the police shoot paralyzed black man. He is currently in the hospital, “fighting for his life”, as his family says.

The Blake Family
The Blake Family

His parents spoke of their anguish against such an inhumane act of the Wisconsin Police Department in a press conference. “My son matters”, his father said crying, “They shot him seven times like he didn’t matter.” His mother also mentioned how her son is fighting for his life. She also called on the protestors to calm down and not render more damages to the city.

Lawyers maintained that it will take more than a miracle to ever see Jacob walking again.

Situation in Wisconsin

The public at Wisconsin has been protesting against the police brutality since the past three days. Around 400 protestors had been gathering in front of a Kenosha courthouse to voice their anguish. The protestors also set ablaze some vehicles on August 24. The affected man’s mother has urged them to calm down, but they are in no mood to let it all go.

The news of the police shoot paralyzed black man just fueled more power and anger into their protests. The town has gone into severe unrest and the Governor has declared a state of emergency. He is also looking to employ troops to try and contain the situation there.

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