The Marlins coronavirus outbreak

The Marlins coronavirus outbreak has prompted the MLB to postponed some of opening seizing game. Specifically, both of the Marlin Tuesday games have been and Monday night game against the Philadelphia Phillies. The MLB decision to postpone the games come after seven additional players and two coaches tested positive for the coronavirus. Additionally, the Marlins have a coronavirus out spreading to their club house in recent days. This combined with the traveling teams’ cases brings the total number Marlin players and staff infected up to 13. The Marlins are awaiting the results of additional tests while quarantining in place. The results of these tests will determine their next step as they navigate this season around the coronavirus.

Marlins coronavirus




The question on many people is how the Marlins coronavirus outbreak occurred? It first became apparent there was an issue on Sunday, July 26, 2000 when for the Marlins players tested positive. The Marlins with those players and quarantine then proceeded to play Sunday game. However, to answer the question of how the team was infected you need to look at possible sources. The case of the Marlins coronavirus outbreak the most likely candidates is their preseason game on Wednesday July 22, 2020. The exhibition game was in Atlanta Georgia. It is most likely that the infected players picked up the coronavirus at some point before, during, or after the game.

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Now the team is in self-imposed quarantine until the coronavirus test reveal if there are more and that the players. At which time those players tested negative for the virus traveled by bus strengths to Baltimore. This is because the MLB is not postponed the Wednesday or Thursday Marlin versus Oriole games. That being said, the MLB may choose to postpone those games depending on the Marlins test. Additionally, the MLB has been considering postponing additional games between other teams as they continue to assess this ever-changing situation.

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