‘The Masked Singer’ Reveals the identity of Broccoli. See who is behind the mask

The Masked Singer reveals identity:

In a recent episode, The Masked Singer reveals identity of broccoli. Broccoli is the most anticipated contestant of the season.

His unique vocal range and strong singing abilities have won many hearts. Since Broccoli’s debut performance in masked singer. Viewers are trying to know who is behind this broccoli mask.

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The reason why broccoli has gain immense popularity in a Masked Singer:

The first and foremost thing to be included in this list has to be his great vocal techniques. His stage presence is just on another level.
when he sang Lionel Richie’s ‘Hello’ judges were shock by his perfection.

This amazing talent has to be recognized. Whether he has a mask on or not.

The masked singer reveals identity
The masked singer reveals the identity

Songs sang by Broccoli in The masked singer’s thanksgiving special episode :

Broccoli started his battle with the song “old time Rock & Roll” by Bob Seger. And for his last battle in the show against mushroom, he chose the song “Take me down”  by Alabama.
The mushroom did well this time, As a result, broccoli got evicted.

Final revelation- spoiler Alert! :

As we all know broccoli was donning this singing battle to be in a top-six spot. Having last singing battle with Mushroom in the smackdown. Unfortunately, Broccoli was evicted. As a result, The masked singer reveals identity. Which shocked judges and audiences as well.

So who is Broccoli?:

The singer hiding behind the broccoli mask is Paul Anka. Paul Anka is a singer-songwriter and an actor. This 79 years singer really got a knack for stage performance. Having many singers under his own name. He really did well hiding his identity in The masked singer.

When he revealed his identity judges were surprised as he is the father-in-law of Jason Mask. Being one of the judges even he can’t identify him.

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  • The masked singer reveals identity in the latest episode
  • Paul Anka is the singer behind broccoli mask
  • He got evicted from the show, as a result, he had to reveal his identity.

Who do you expect to be behind the broccoli mask?