The Outpost Season 4- Out with a bang!

Latest updates: Episode 1 of The Outpost Season 4 has been released on July 15, 2021.

Synopsis: Jessica Green plays Talon, a young warrior. After losing her entire tribe of Blackbloods, Talon embarks on a journey to track down her family’s slayers- a band of ruthless mercenaries. She must avenge her tribe & family on her own. She then marches to the edge of the civilized world to a lawless fortress known as The Outpost.

In this action, adventure, medieval fantasy drama, the lead character discovers she has superpowers. But these powers come with responsibilities. So she must learn to harness them to her advantage. She must also use her powers to save the world from a authoritarian madman.

Gradually, with the help of learned elders & sorcerers, she masters her powers. On this journey she learns a lot more about herself & her kind. She has to pursue demons & murderous creatures across the series.

Release date: July 15, 2021


Cast: Jessican Green, Jake Stormoen, Anand Desai-Barochia, Imogen Waterhouse, Adam Johnson, Aaron Fontaine & others.


Episode 1: The Outpost Season 4

In the latest episode, Talon is offered the throne. She is hesitant for her own reasons. However, a mysterious assassin lurks in the shadows. While still mourning the loss of Tobin, Falista is looking forward to new adventures. Zed is encouraging Wren to take on the High Priestess role. But he discovers her secrets in the episode. But are they enough deterrent?

The Outpost is in need of a new leader after Gwynn perishes in her attempt to destroy Yavalla. Talon & Garret occupy themselves with finding the right ruler for The Outpost before they discover the origins of the mystical Kinjes. Kinj-bearing folks, including Talon, receive sinister visions from god-like entities. These entities want to reclaim the Kinjes for themselves.

In the meantime, another aspiring assassin is seeking revenge for the past. She is hot on Talon’s tail. Her plans are thwarted when she finds out her own heritage is deeply linked to Talon & her future. Two starts guiding Falista, who must devote herself to new gods. It’s the only way for her to get what she desires.

Suddenly, Lu-Qiri vanishes into thin air. As Talon & Zed pursue them only to discover that the Outpost is now facing its worst enemy ever. There’s a new race of supernatural beings that are somehow connected to Talon’s suspicious origins.
Wren & Jenzo share a secret. This gives them renewed strength to save the world. However, they are also trying to find an ancient, lost city underneath The Outpost. This new discovery & their secret will make them question who their true friends & real enemies are.

Meanwhile Talon’s world is falling apart. Her allies are being hunted down quickly. Talon must now confront these diabolical forces destroying her world. She must come face to face with her greatest challenge to date. In the process, she must accept the heroes of her past. She must simultaneously fight off the villains only she can defeat.

The Outpost Season 4

Episode 2: The Outpost Season 4

In episode 2, airing on July 22, audiences can expect to see Garret lashing out at a new queen while he tries to comprehend a new threat he has seen in his unexplained visions. Talon will be planning her rescue mission for the Blackbloods with little assistance from her allies. Tobin will struggle to stay loyal to his beliefs & Luna will be busy with her usual antics- finding another target to exterminate. The episode is entitled ‘What is yet to come’.

Episode 3: 

In episode 3 entitled ‘A gift from the gods’, expected to be aired 7 days later on July 29, Garret will be released from imprisonment. However, he will have to now pledge allegiance to a new ruler. Talon & Zed will fight side by side to protect the Blackbloods. They will also uncover a tragic event that might change their lives forever. And Falista will be in search of peace.

Audiences can expect the suspense & drama to continue throughout the season. The series is created by Jason Faller & Kynan Griffin. Dean Devlin has revealed that we can expect 13 episodes this season. It is uncertain if Imogen Waterhouse will be retained in her role as Gwynn Calkussar/Queen Rosmund in season 4. Fans might remember she died in the season 3’s season finale entitled ‘Violence is futile’. We can also expect to see Draško Andjić as the new Blackblood male.

Audiences can expect the suspense & drama to continue throughout the season. The series is created by Jason Faller & Kynan Griffin.

However, the critics haven’t been very accommodating of the ordinary production design with most reviews falling into the ‘unfavorable’ category. It’s having a hard time keeping up with blockbusters such as Game of Thrones & Lord of the Rings in the same genre.

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