The Oval Season 2: Release date | Plot | cast | All you need to know

The Oval season 2 Release date, plot, and cast Revealed?

The last episode of The oval ended in July 2020. It’s been almost six months fans are waiting for any further updates on the upcoming season of the series. However, it is confirmed by BET that there will be season 2 to this series. Let’s gets into more details about The oval season 2 Release date, plot, and cast.
Let’s see if anything confirmed yet or not. A more detailed explanation of season one’s ending. And every trivia about “The oval”.

“The oval” – Rewind (Ending Explained)

(*Note – This part contains potential spoilers of “The oval” skip directly to 2 if you haven’t watched this series yet. )
Let’s get into a brief recap of the previous series and understand the ending of the show just to know what plot to expect from the upcoming season. To know more about The oval season 2 Release date, cast, and plot information read further.

What’s The Oval is all about?

The oval season 2 Release date and cast revealed

Have you always wanted to know about the inside drama of Whitehouse? So this is the show for you. The show follows the life of the president of The United States Hunter Franklin and his family. His relationship with his wife Victoria Franklin seems to be the epitome of a perfect couple. They are great parents they love each other attending lavish parties together and all. But Reality is not as glamorous as it seems.
All they crave is power and position rather than valuing their family. Even their helpers in the White House caught into this scandalous turmoil. What will happen to them and this pretentious couple.

Will Hunter Franklin be the president or he will lose his position. These are the questions that arise while in this 25 episodes series you will get your answer ready. Watch this series if you really into family drama with some political touch.
Watch the official  Trailer Here

The Oval Season 2 Release date :

The oval premiered on 23rd October 2019. It has 25 episodes and the last episode aired on the 22nd of July 2020.

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The Oval cast :

All about The oval season 2 and season 1 ending explained
All about The oval season 2 and season 1 ending explained ( The oval cast )
  • Ed Quinn as Hunter Franklin
  • Kron Moore as Victoria Franklin
  • Paige Hurd as Gayle Franklin
  • Daniel Croix Henderson as Jason Franklin
  • Javon Johnson Richard Hallsen
  • Travis cure as Bobby
  • Brad Benedict as Kyle Flint.

Season 1 Ending Explained :

The oval’s season finale has millions of views and one of the most-watched episodes on BET. No one has expected this attention so how this ended?
In the last episode Victoria finds out the Ellie is not the one her husband has cheated with yet.  All evidence Victoria finds belongs to Hunter’s Former mistress Denise who died. On the other hand, Diana wants to expose the scandalous affair of Hunter and Ellie. Kyle showed Victoria how Denise died on the mattress and how it got destroyed.

All love scandal, press conference, and murder mystery finale episode ended with many questions unanswered. The oval season 2 will give all those answers for sure.


Season 2 of the series is announced in April last year since then no official date announced yet let’s see what is estimated release date, cast, and plot of the series for the upcoming season.

Plot :

As many questions left unanswered in the finale episode of the series viewers might get answers for this. The spin-off series will be more focused on religious sex cult organization. And moreover, Victoria will get hold of more secrets in this upcoming season.

Cast :

All cast members of season 1 will likely to return for season 2. However, some of the new faces are also seen.

The oval season 2 Release date:

As series announced release date is estimated around the end of 2021. However, no official date is announced as of now.


No official Trailer is out yet. We can expect a trailer and preview 2-3 months prior to the official release date. Till now watch behind the scene of The oval here.

Most FAQs on “The oval”:

  1. Is The oval’s upcoming season canceled?
    Answer –  BET has announced there will be an upcoming season for the show. However, fans have to wait until production announces the premiere date or Trailer.
  2. Is there a spin-off series of The Oval?
    Answer –  yes there is a 24 episodes series called Ruthless which is the spin-off series of The oval. This series is more focused on the Religious sex cult shown in the original series. What trailer of Ruthless Here.
  3. Is The oval on Netflix?
    Answer –  No, The oval is not available on Netflix. However, you can stream it on Fubo TV, BET, Amazon etc.
  4. How many episodes The oval’s upcoming season have?
    Answer-  No official statement from production regarding this is available. But The oval has 25 episodes you can stream it now.

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All about The oval season 2 and season 1 ending explained
All about The oval Season 2 and Season 1 ending explained
  • The oval season 2 Release date is not confirmed yet but estimated to be in late 2021.
  • The plot will be more focused on answering questions that left viewers confused in the finale episode.
  • The oval is a great family drama with lots of political aspects.
  • If you enjoy this genre it is definitely worth your time.
  • You can watch this on BET and Fubo TV.

Have you watched The oval yet, Are you excited for the upcoming season?