The shocking ‘Guna Incident’!

couple beaten

A shocking incident took place in Guna recently wherein a couple was manhandled by the police. Further, an encroachment removal squad of the local administration in Madhya Pradesh’s Guna arrived with a JCB and vandalized the crops seeded by a farmer and his wife there.

The duo pleaded to cease the police action, but once the police refused, they consumed pesticide. A putative video shows the husband and wife being overwhelmed up ahead of their children.

Shiv Raj Chouhan’s take on the matter!

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shiv Raj Singh Chouhan has taken measures and has pronounced the removal of the Guna collector and the superintendent of police from their posts for their inefficiency to deal with the situation. A probe has also been initiated in to the incident.

What actually happened?

The couple was cultivating their crops on a government owned land since years. And the administration wanted that the land be vacated in order to build a college. But the administration’s incapacity to deal with the situation worsened the scenario.

The administration remained completely unmoved even after several requests from the couple to stop the police action. Their crops were ruined after which the couple ingested a pesticide.

Things did not stop just right there. The duo was forced into a jeep. A heart wrenching video shot by the eyewitnesses, showed the barbarity of the policemen. They were seen thrashing the couple.

In addition, a female cop was also seen ripping off his wife’s sari while she was clinging on to her husband and trying to protect him.

The whole incident took place in front of their children and were also abused allegedly. Some of the pictured showed how their children were holding them and crying after poisoning themselves.

In view of the same, chouhan removed the collector and SP from their posts. He further stated that,” Any kind of vandalism will not be tolerated. A high-level inquiry has been ordered in Guna incident and action will be taken against whoever is guilty in this incident.”

The shocking ‘Guna Incident’ has further proved the savagery of the human kind and how insensitive we educated people are becoming.

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