The UK extends grace period for visa extension until August 31 2020

The UK extends grace period for visa extension until August 31 2020. The UK announced this third extension for all foreign national visas expiring or expired on Thursday, July 30, 2020. What this means that the many individuals whose visas expired or are about to expire will not be legally charged. Specifically, no charges for lingering passed expiration date on a visa from January 24, 2020 to August 31, 2020. This means, that anyone stranded in the UK will not face difficulties in renewing a visa or entering the country. This applies cynically to individuals not return to their homelands due to travel restrictions or closed borders. The UK government also made it clear that this extended grace period also applied to individuals who were self-quarantine.


The UK extends the grace period for visa

The UK extends the grace period for visa extension as many countries are relaxing travel. Which means, the first time in months individuals stranded in the UK finally have a chance to return home. Indeed, the reason the UK has extended the grace period to August 31 is to provide time for travel arrangements. That being said, the UK is not cold heartedly throwing people out the door, so to speak. The country which has enacted numerous emergency actions throughout integration to help those stranded during the pandemic is maintained them. The UK intended these measures to help 40,000 plus individuals’ visas expired during this time.

One of the measures that wasn’t active and will remain so until the 31st was the relaxation of visa switching. In other words, during the three-months of the pandemic it was easier for an individual to switch their visa status. This means that an individual can switch their visa from student to working visa relatively easily. The UK has urged anyone wishing to extend or switch their visa to do so in the next 30 days.  The UK in addition to extending the grace period has also stated that they will review requests to be later. Specifically, they stated they would take a “compassionate and pragmatic approach” to anyone unable to be before 31of August.


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