Music videos on Facebook; the social media giant may finally get the rights to do so

Music videos on Facebook, the social media giant may finally get the rights to do so. This is the rumor that is currently flying around the Internet. Facebook which has long sought the rights to show music videos may soon partner three large music companies. It is important to note that this is unsubstantiated rumor at this time. Additionally, Facebook has decline to comment on whether or not this rumor is accurate. The rumor also suggested the company has been looking to acquire exclusive rights to certain music videos. To that end company has approached artists and music’s about acquiring these rights, even just temporarily. Facebook has even gone so far apparently as to offer to pay production costs of the videos.




Facebook sues EU antitrust regulator
Facebook sues EU antitrust regulator

Facebook has long sought to put music videos on its platform. In doing so it helps to catch up with you to which is long dominated this media. Facebook is also hoping to stay ahead its Chinese rival TikTok which is video based. The company has succeeded gain rights to certain music playing on videos. Specifically, they are legally allowed to play certain music by the owners of the on user uploaded videos. In other words, if a user loads as a song playing in the back then Facebook can stream that music on the video. Facebook is seeking is the right to upload official music videos so their users can share and comment on them. Additionally, Facebook has been seeking ways to increase video usage on their platform.

Music videos on Facebook is one way to achieve this outcome. Indeed, on Thursday Facebook’s chief executive officer is trying to expand to video features. Basically, Facebook is trying to create own version of YouTube channels where users could upload videos for fans and followers. Facebook claims that their version would be useful for video creators create community of fans than other platforms. In reality, it is much more likely Facebook is trying to tap into another area advertise. Statistics show that advertising on video media is more profitable other form of advertising. Additionally, with music video streaming at an all-time high thanks to pandemic Facebook may be looking for a way in. That is if the rumors of music videos on Facebook soon are true.

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