The United States reject nearly all Chinese claims

The United States reject nearly all Chinese claims to the South China Sea. The White House announced on Monday, July 13, 2020 that refuses to recognize the majority of China’s claims to the region. The announcement is a statement that the US will not allow China to annex the South China Sea. The announcement also defined what the United States would recognize as Chinese territory in the region. That being, all waters defined as the internationally recognized territorial waters of China. At the moment, the United States is on me in the territorial disputes of the South China Sea. Unofficially, this decision now means that the United States sides with the Philippines, Vietnam, and other countries in the region. They are the other major nations in the region that actually hold territorial claims to the sea.


Reason and Fallout

The United States reject

The United States reject China’s claim to the South China Sea for several reasons. First is that it is in keeping with US policy in the region. That is to ensure free and on inhibited maritime trade and fishing in the region. Additionally, the United States maintains a mutual with the Philippines. United States have repeatedly stated that any attack on the Philippines territories will be regarded as an act of war. Another reason for this announcement is the growing tensions between the two countries. Which of have escalated class few months centering around the coronavirus and China’s actions in Hong Kong.


The fallout from the United States reject China’s claim to the South China Sea could have several outcomes. The primary reason for China claiming the Sea is the about $5 trillion worth of shipping travels through the region. They have already stated the US has no right to be militarily active or have any presence there. However, if the US didn’t sail its carrier through the region the Chinese basis there would now dominate the sea. It is scary to contemplate the ultimate fallout but has tensions continue to rise this could be another flashpoint. In other words, the United States rejection of China’s claims lead to armed conflict between the two giants.

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