The Weeknd joins Calvin Harris for New Collab “Over Now”

It is a great news to all the Weeknd fans along with Calvin Harris fans as their Collab track is out. This song is called “Over Now”. The song is billed as Calvin Harris x The Weeknd.

Calvin Harris and The Weeknd had teamed up for a music track. The track is called “Over Now”. This music track is out today. This track was teased a week ago by them. This is also the second track from Calvin Harris.

Click here to hear the track.

Calvin Harris over now

And the day has arrived when the track is out today. Both of the Artists confirmed their collaboration on 23rd August. They both posted information regarding the track which was about to release. In the following days they teased their track with all the posters and stuff. Finally today they revealed their collaborated track. Even in this Corona situation these both artists came together and composed their song. Also the is a melody for the listeners as both of the artists are the best in their field.

It was very great to see their commitment towards their passion. The song is beautifully composed and has good lyrics to it. This track also has portrayed a new presentation of the “character” of The Weeknd.

Trace William Cowen is the writer of the song. The song is accomplished with animations and real life instances. This track serves as a continuation of the funk sounds Scottish DJ, record producer and artist has been dabbling in as of late.

The song is available on Apple Music as well as on Spotify.

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