Three Of The Pioneer Won’t Host For BBC 1 Anymore

BBC 1 Bids Adieu To 3 Hosts

BBC 1 just had a big announcement on its change in the host for some of the A-lister shows. The hosts for the shows are changing and in place of the new faces are coming.

The listener won’t be able to hear three of the greatest host of all the time. And they are Huw Stephens, Dev Griffin, and Phil Taggar. All of them are hosting their respective shows for years.

BBC 1 and the hosts are connected for a decade and according to them, it’s now time to introduce some new faces in the industry. It is all well between the hosts. And the BBC 1 and they are leaving the shows with all the good memories.

Dev Griffin

On their leaving from the show, all of them shared their views on leaving the shows. And how much they connect the shows.

The Journey So Far

Dev Griffin said his journey in the show ends with a good note and he now wants to explore more. And he is now ready to accept the new challenges and looking forward to a great time ahead.

Huw Stephens and Phil Taggart though not leaving BBC 1. And they are shifting to different shows of BBC one. All the 3 places will be replaced by new faces.

phil taggart

BBC 1 shows gratitude for the amazing contribution of these three hosts and said they performed really well for the channel and are valuable members of the radio broadcasters family.

All Love For The Channel

Huw will now host for BBC Radio Cymru and 6 Music. He thanks to BBC for letting him be a part of the amazing family and he enjoyed every bit of it.

Huw Stephens

And lastly, Phil took his Twitter account to thank BBC 1 for the best experience of his life. And he said it is amazing to pass the microphone and seat to the next person and he is happy as he got the chance to pass the legacy.

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