TikTok and We Chat Banned in USA: From this Sunday

Come Sunday you will no longer be able to download TikTok and We Chat. Trump administration orders that TikTok and WeChat banned in the USA. The department of commerce had announced that it will ban anyone from downloading the video-sharing app from any app store. Officially We Chat will be banned on Sunday but people will have time to say goodbye to TikTok. People still have till 12th Nov to use TikTok.

The ban order follows President Trump’s official executive order that ByteDance sells its US TikTok shares to an American company. According to the order the deed ad to be done in 45 days. The executive order signed in August barred US companies to do business with China. All in all, we will see TikTok and We Chat banned in the USA. But if the deal between Tech giant Oracle and ByteDance is approved by Trump then TikTok may not be banned.

What does TikTok and We Chat think about the ban?

TikTok is disappointed in the order and disagrees with the commerce department. They say they have never stolen any data and now more than ever they have become increasingly transparent. When the Trump administration had passed the executive order in August TikTok had sued them. And now also it says they will fight this new unjust order.

TikTok and we chat banned in usa
“Will not be available on Play store”

On the other hand, We Chat which is banned on Sunday, says they are talking with the Government. They are hopeful that both would negotiate a deal suited to both Parties.

Why are TikTok and We Chat being banned?

As soon as we hear the news “TikTok and We Chat banned in the USA”, a question arises “Why?”

While the USA is not the first one to ban TikTok, India has already done so.

The Trump administration has repeatedly stressed that the Apps are a threat to National security. They collect data without informing the user. Although ByteDance has denied the accusations and said the only data they store is in Singapore and the USA, China has no data. But the Trump administration is sure that they threaten their National Security and Foreign Policy.

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