TikTok ban on government devices approved by U.S. Senate panel

TikTok ban on government devices approved by U.S. Senate panel. US Senate committee for Homeland security and governmental affairs approved a ban the apps use on Wednesday, July 22, 2020. The Bill specifically prohibits the use TikTok on all government devices. The decision comes just days after the house of representatives to bar federal employees downloading the on government issued devices.  The Senate will vote on the bill. If it passes the Senate vote it will then be sent to the house of representatives. If the bill passes a vote in the House of Representatives it will be sent to the Pres. Whereupon, if he approves of the bill you will sign it and thus turning into law. So much efforts to ban a video creation app.


Why So Much Effort

TikTok ban on government devices

TikTok ban on government devices is due to a clear and present security threat. TikTok the video creation app is an owned and operate Chinese. Under Chinese law introduced in 2017 Chinese companies have an obligation to support and cooperate with Chinese intelligence agencies. This means, the company whether wish to or not it is obligated to hand over information collected from its users. TikTok ban on government devices is a direct response to this threatens. Additional concerns along others beyond the security risk of government employees using the app is young American citizen using it.

Specifically, 60% of the North American users are American citizens between the ages of 16 to 24. A growing concern amongst lawmakers that these young citizens personal information may fall into the hands the Chinese governments. TikTok ban has sparked a response from apps US management. The team states that their goal is the same experience for all users but that it probably doesn’t belong on government devices. The decision also received approval from Present Trumps administration which was also considering TikTok ban on government devices. Additionally, they have stated expanding on the prices and to other Chinese companys apps.

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