Titanic’ , Back to the Future actress Elsa Raven dead at 91.

Elsa Raven dead at 91: Titanic', Back to the Future actress Elsa Raven dead at 91. The official cause of her death is not yet revealed. 

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Elsa Raven dead at 91:

Another actress dead. Titanic’, Back to the Future actress Elsa Raven dead at 91. Elsa plays an activist to save the clock tower in the movie Back to the Future.  She also plays an old lady, when water starts to drown the ship, in James Cameroon movie Titanic.  The police are still investigating, because of this, the official cause of her death is not yet revealed.

Elsa Raven dead at 91.

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 The lady, Elsa Raven:

Elsa raven is an American actress, known for her short roles in the movies. She has worked in the movie Back to the Future, The Amity Ville horror,  the movie Titanic. She has also worked in theatre and television before acting in the movies. Although 91, she has died suddenly. Her family, friends, and fans are mourning her death. She has 15 nieces and nephews. Her agent David Shaul revealed the news of her death.

Covid 19 and death season :

The cause of death in the Elsa case is not known but the year 2020 has caused a number of deaths. This doom is because of the Coronavirus pandemic. What caused the event of Elsa Raven dead at 91 is not yet known. Did she die because of the pandemic or due to age, is not yet known. Family, friends, and fans are curious to know.

Corona 19  vaccine:

Meanwhile, the Corona gloom is going to end soon because of vaccine discovery. The scientists in the world are busy finding a vaccine, that is effective against Corona.  Governments world over are encouraging this process because of the economic doom and to prevent further death toll. Out of the many vaccines developed, London’s Oxford university vaccine is the most effective one. It shows around 80% effectiveness against Corona.

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