Top 5 E-Bike in Indian Market

“The need is a mother of invention” yes we have so many inventions now, the only reason is our need only. We need to come out from dark so invented light likewise today we need to save our world against global warming so invited electric vehicles.

According to WHO 2010 report transport accounted for about 23% of global CO2 so we have to do something for this so electric bikes are invented for individual use. This bike emission percentage is zero.

In recent times there are lots of development activity in the Electric bike segment in the Indian market firmly established and also new players in the market have launched new products with great quality of battery capacity, as well as range, is also affordable.

Electric bikes are creating new trends in the world automotive market especially the Indian automotive market. Fuel vehicles create pollution levels increasing to dangerous levels so we need to go for an alternative way.

Today we have to see for the top 5 new electric bikes in the Indian market.

1. Ather 450

One of my favorite Electric bike is Ather 450 and currently is the best Electric bike on sale in the Indian market. The battery pack power comes with 2.4 KWH and the motor produces 7 hours power. Ather claimed that the 450 can do 0 to 40 km/h in 3.9 seconds. Ater has three riding modes ECO, RIDE, SPORT for eco speed range is 75 Km. It comes with an interactive dashboard with google. You can charge any regular 5A socket using charging cable. It is available only in Bangalore and Chennai.

2. Revolt RV 400

The revolt RV 400 AI bike is certified with ARAI. It is India’s first artificial intelligence installed bike. It is powered by Revolt App which is available in Android and IOS also. It comes with 15 Watt charger with the RV 400 and bike come with location access, the user can track his trip details, weather conditions, fault detection, real-time battery display, anti-theft.

3. Hero Electric Nyx E5

Bike manufactured by India leading automobile company Hero. E5 minimum speed is 40km/h maximum 50 km on a single charge. It comes with a BLDC hub motor rated at 600W/1200W and has a 48V | 28 ah lithium-ion battery it can be fully within 4 hours of time. Additional features are pep switch, telescopic suspension, foldable seat, integrated bottle holder and extended footboard.

4. Okinawa I Praise

The I praise comes with a range of 160 to 180 Km/ change and the charging time is 2 to 3 hours. For charger is the same ather 450 You can charge any regular 5A socket using the charging cable. It comes with geo-fencing which alerts the user if bike has gone beyond 5m to 10 km range of security and safety.

5.Avan Motor Xero Plus

Avan motor introduces Xero plus 2019 in India. The bike will run 60 km in a single charge. The charging time for the battery will take 2 to 4 hours. The bike max speed is 45 km/h. Avon Motors says the range of Electric bike has a running cost of only 10 percent of fuel-consuming vehicles. The additional feature is Disc breaks, a utility box, a safety stand.

Now we are discussing the top 5 new electric bikes these are not polluted, very safe and easy to handle. The Indian GOVt also uses electric vehicles in the public transport world is changing to the electric bike module and these bikes are going to rule the Indian automobile market soon.

Use an electric bike and save the planet

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