Tech giants leveraging technology to fight COVID-19

As the world is undergoing a global pandemic and the people are confined to their homes, tech giants are leaving no stone unturned to battle the deadly contagion, that has infected more than 2 million people. so far, besides having an adverse impact on the global economy. Let us have a look at the initiatives undertaken by the tech companies to fight the dreaded Coronavirus.

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Google is honoring a range of “Corona Warriors” responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in its newly launched Google doodle series.

The special two-week series will thank front line workers in health care, sanitation, food service, packaging, grocery, public transportation and more.

In addition to this, Google Cloud has also launched a rapid response AI chatbot to help the financial institutions handle ballooning customers’ queries during the period of crisis.

Google’s Rapid Response Virtual Agent facilitates organizations to provide 24/7 conversational support across voice, chat and social channels.


Recently, Apple released a mobility data trends tool to support the productive and impactful work happening around the world. Apple has sourced and donated well over 20 million face masks for healthcare professionals on the front lines.

In a rare partnership, Apple and Google are setting aside their traditional rivalry to team up on a new system for contact tracing.


On April 15, WHO has launched a Facebook Messenger version of its WHO Health Alert platform, which disseminates reliable and accurate information about the COVID-19 outbreak. This development comes at a time when unfounded rumors are doing rounds on social media. Hence, it is an effort to better inform the world about CODIV-19.


WhatsApp also launched the “Whatsapp Coronavirus Information Hub”  to disseminate simple, actionable guidance for health workers, educators, community leaders, local governments and local businesses that rely on WhatsApp to communicate. This has been developed in partnership with the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and UNDP.

Moreover, the site provides general guidelines and resources for its users worldwide to reduce the spread of rumors and connect with accurate health information.


WHO has released a substantial update to the dashboard of COVID-19 updates, making it possible to have access to verified and reliable data on COVID-19 cases submitted directly to the World Health Organization by countries.

A remarkable feature is the release of its mobile-friendly version also.

In addition to this, to better grasp the current status of COVID-19, the dashboard has a modern interface as well as data visualization tools.


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