China which is known as worlds biggest population and also the maker of coronavirus had imposed a previous 76 days lockdown which was released on 8th April. china also claimed that no recent active cases have been found after the release of lockdown in wuhan and the state has begun its work.

while china claims that cronavirus does not have active case in it’s country ,there are also accusations to support the lie ,as china’s death rate rate has increased which is unknown to the world .as widely known that WHO world heath organisation has been supporting china all through the pandemic …

it has been reported that the infected people of age 70+ have been burned to death alive in isolation camps while the ashes of the  dead whose bodies were burnt in cemeteries are not given to the family of the infected ,as the country has declared no active patient which turns out to be false as people have been desposing bodies at night

china has also been hiding the total number of death rate from the world . it is estimated that 720 bodies are burned down per day by the communist government .the original death is 40% more that what china has published to the world china has been showing the lockdown as their victory to the world .

as a result of the pandemic the people in huwei have revolted against the communist government and harmed the government vehicles,while several people have revolted upon the rule of Shi Jin Ping .




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